naughty lion coupon sets my punishment.
My idea is that Mrs. Lion can issue a “coupon” when I am naughty and we can post it on the refrigerator. That way I can see what is coming every time I go to the kitchen. She hasn’t agreed to this. I like the concept.

Yesterday, Mrs. Lion and I exchanged posts about me asking Mrs. Lion not to give me days off my wait time because I did work around the house. She was annoyed that I was topping from the bottom by asking not to get the reward. One reason was that at the time I wasn’t feeling that horny and I liked the idea of waiting until next Thursday.

I thought about it further and realized that Mrs. Lion can extend or shorten my time at will. So if she decides to reward me with less time, she is just exercising her right to change things. On the other hand, if she gives me a coupon good for a day or two, or three off, then I can decide when I want less time. A reward should be under my control, I think. She can also reward me with a spanking, time in the sling, bondage, or other activities she knows I like. She started all this with my anniversary present: coupons for sex and time off. Great concept!

Punishment is difficult for Mrs. Lion. She has often talked about the fact that she has a hard time deciding to punish me. I understand that. So, I figured that if coupons make good rewards, they also can be used to track and deliver punishment as well. So, I created Naughty Lion coupons for my lioness. My idea is that she can fill one of these out each time I do something that deserves discipline. I suggested that she post them on the refrigerator until she executes the punishment. Seeing them there will certainly remind me of my sins.

good lion coupon for rewards.
Mrs. Lion can give me a coupon with the reward of her choice if I am a good boy. Since it is a reward, I can redeem the coupon between the effective date and the expiration. I hope Mrs. Lion goes for this idea.

I’m not sure that Mrs. Lion will go for this. I made her a stack of each type of coupon. The concept has a lot of appeal for me. On the punishment side, penalties can pile up until Mrs. Lion decides to execute my discipline. If her punishment is spanking, a few of these coupons can make my bottom hurt for days. She’s never extended my waiting time for any reason. In fact, she has said that she doesn’t like that idea at all. That’s ok with me. There are other things she has no problem doing that I hate.

Mrs. Lion has wondered why I crave discipline. I’ve thought about that a lot. Primarily, it is because receiving punishment is a powerful message that she is in control. This is not the same as receiving a spanking because it turns me on. This is Mrs. Lion doing things I hate to help me learn. Obviously, there are minor infractions that she punishes with a shock or a few hard swats. There could be more serious offenses, but frankly neither of us can think of any that I have or am likely to commit. So, in this sense I agree with Mrs. Lion that serious punishment is not likely for me unless I massively piss her off.

That doesn’t mean I can’t earn punishment that I will dislike. It just means that Mrs. Lion doesn’t have to change me or beat something in or out of me. She just needs to find or invent things that I do or can do that will earn me discipline from her. You may be wondering how this is different from her “play” spankings, etc. In practice it isn’t. The only difference I can think of is that discipline is never followed by teasing, sex, or play that I like. It is imposed and when done, there is no more activity. From her perspective, punishments are the same as play. From mine, they aren’t the same at all. They fulfill different needs.

I love sensation play like spanking and clothespins, etc. Some of it I hate while it is happening, but find it deeply arousing despite my immediate reactions. A punishment spanking, on the other hand, may be deeply arousing but there is never any satisfaction of that arousal. In my mind, aside from hating it while it is happening, I am also feeling very happy that I have truly surrendered control. After all, making me do something I like is not nearly as powerful a symbol of my submission as having to endure a punishment.

In practice, it is all in my mind. That paddle hitting my butt during play is no different than it is when I am being punished. But it feels different to me! I don’t know how I would react to an extension of my wait. If, for example, Mrs. Lion adds three days to my current eleven day wait, I’m not sure how that would make me feel. If she continues teasing me every other day, I am sure I will be grumbly due to my ever-increasing desire to come. Will it feel like punishment? I don’t know, though I suspect it will. It fits all the criteria of what I consider punishment: I don’t want it and Mrs. Lion is in firm control.