Lion’s Side Of The Love Coupon Debate

love coupons
These are some of the Love Coupons that Mrs. Lion gave me.

Last night was special. It was Mrs. Lion’s scheduled orgasm night and my teasing night. Both of us were going to have fun and one of us an orgasm. I started the festivities with Mrs. Lion. I spent some time enjoying her body and then moved on to the main event. I love the sounds she makes! I was pressing my cage with the erection I was unable to have. I love making her come. She clearly had a good time too.

After she had a chance to bask and get back to earth, Mrs. Lion unlocked me and edged me. I think she did it twice. My mind wasn’t on counting. Boy did I want to come! After I was safely back in my cage, I brought up those love coupons. Mrs. Lion is getting sick of hearing about them.

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She gave me these coupons as gifts. I can redeem them for various privileges. Some let me choose to be uncaged for 24 hours. Others allow me an orgasm. One or two permit me to reduce my wait time for a day. All very nice options. So, what’s my problem? Why not go for it?

Part of me wants to horde them. There may be a time I really want to come, for example, but I used them all up. A bigger part of me is insecure about my role. I am trying to avoid being controling. If I use a coupon, aren’t I taking control, at least temporarily, of my sexual pleasure. I realize she wants me to do this. It’s just something I have to work through.

There is a twist to the orgasm coupons. If I use one, the wait gets restarted. So, if I am on a 10 day wait, and on the fifth day I use a coupon, the 10 days start again. If all my waits were 10 days, it wouldn’t make much of a difference. But they aren’t. I have some much longer waits coming. The longer I wait, the more I want that orgasm. If I am in a 20 day wait, and 10 days in I want to come and use a coupon, then the twenty days start again. But if I went the entire 20 days, my next wait might have been only 10. Since I don’t know how long my next wait will be, it’s a gamble for me.

Another part of this is that I want to see if I can successfully wait the time set for me. Recently Mrs. Lion asked me if I wanted a bonus orgasm mid-wait. I said, “No.” I really did want the orgasm, but I also wanted to see how I felt at the end. This one was 11 days. I had only waited that long once before and that was because I was sick on orgasm day. I wanted to find out how it felt to go that long. I will probably want to do the same during the longer waits planned for me. I realize that curiosity killed the cat; and this big cat may regret his curiosity.

The coupons that allow me to run wild (cage-free) for a day, so far don’t appeal too much to me. I just haven’t wanted to be a free-range lion. I’m sure that in the future there will be times when I do want that. Well, my coupons for that don’t expire.

I’ll probably use an orgasm coupon tonight. I’ve been really horny and a nice ejaculation would feel perfect. I won’t use it if Mrs. Lion is achy or tired. I like it better when she is feeling perky and frisky herself. I’m curious to see how I feel after I use a coupon.

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Stay tuned…we’ll see how my coupon redemption goes.