Despite teasing Lion that he’d have to wait a month for an orgasm, we all knew I’d never do it. He even believed me that I’d make him wait the original long wait of sixteen days. I actually think the original wait was twenty-some days. But I saw no need to make him wait that long. And besides, I wanted a Mother’s Day present.

I was afraid Lion wasn’t all that horny. I knew his back hurt after our two day fight with the stupid lawn tractor and then mowing the lawn. I asked him what he would do if his night to come was the night he spent working on his servers. He said there’s nothing he could do. Well, that’s true. But I was hoping for more of a reaction than that. If he had been horny he might have had a more disappointed look on his face, at least. I’m not sure I like this more mellow, “que sera, sera” Lion. He said he was under the assumption that he wouldn’t have an orgasm until the sixteenth day so he wasn’t looking for it any sooner. Phooey! What good is that? I like it better when he’s sure tonight is the night. Until it isn’t.

At any rate, I edged him a few times and then we developed a rhythm. As I stroked down, he bucked up to meet me. It was very nice. I’m sure he was very surprised when we kept going right on past the edge and into a very nice orgasm. I was nice and shared my bounty with him. I just know he appreciated that. Not. Afterwards we snuggled for a bit. We both love to snuggle. He said he didn’t understand why some men feel a letdown after an orgasm. He’s always satisfied and happy to snuggle. I wonder if it has anything to do with the length of the wait. Despite what he thinks some days, I don’t let him get too horny. His next orgasm is rarely more than a few weeks away.

Maybe if I made him wait a very long time, the idea of the orgasm would be so built up that the actual orgasm wouldn’t be as good. You know, you’ve been dreaming about that Ferrari for years. You know just what options you want and the color. And you plan where you’ll drive it first and who you’ll show. And that first time on the highway you’ll just smoke those other cars. Then you get it. And it’s everything you dreamed about. Look at how fast you can go! All those heads turn as you drive by. You’re so cool. But then you realize it isn’t so comfortable to drive. Sure, it’s fun to go fast. But how fast can you really go on a regulated road? And you feel every bump. And speaking of bumps, you cringe every time you have to go over a speed bump. Suddenly this Ferrari isn’t so great. I know many of you are saying, “Who cares? I have a Ferrari!” I just wonder if having a Ferrari or orgasm is as great as the fantasy once you’ve built it up so much.

Just a thought. What do I know?