A Different Twist

For some reason, last night I wondered how many women there are in chastity. They must be out there. And I wondered how many of them initiated it. Most of the men I’ve read about who are caged were the ones to ask for it. I think it stands to reason that some women might have as well. But a dominant male is probably the initiator in most cases. I wonder why that is.

So this morning I did a quick search online. I found a lot of sites selling chastity devices for women, a forum for women in chastity, some Youtube videos, and a few blogs. Not as many results as I imagined I would find. But in my search I found something even more amazing to me: his and hers chastity. What? If you’re both locked up who is in charge? How does this work?

First of all, I can’t imagine how uncomfortable a female chastity device must be. I can’t imagine being locked in anything 24/7. Most days I’m out of my bra the second I hit the bedroom. I’m sure there are some models that are more comfortable than others. It’s just not my cup of tea. If Lion had suggested it I definitely would have said no.

But back to my initial question: who is in charge? Would I be in charge of when Lion gets to be unlocked and he’d be in charge of when I’d get to be unlocked? What if he decided that he wanted to penetrate me, but I decided it wasn’t his night for being unlocked? It seems to me it would be a very confusing relationship. Of course, just because I can’t get my head wrapped around it doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work.

I guess it would give a couple something else to do together. Who knows the pitfalls and high points of chastity quite like another person in chastity? It would definitely be a common bond. On the other hand I can see it driving a wedge between a couple. I haven’t been unlocked for two weeks, what makes you think I’m unlocking you again?

It certainly adds a different twist to things.