Good Lion Rules Clarification

The other day, Lion made a list of Good Lion Rules. In response to my post from a few days ago he made a rule never to remind me that he’s horny. I should know he’s horny and I don’t need a commercial for it. I have two issues with this rule.

1) Should I know he’s horny? Do I know? Contrary to my previous beliefs, Lion is not always horny. In addition, he may be horny in the afternoon but not at night. He does go through cycles where he’s not very horny for a few days at a time. Whether it’s from age, tiredness, stress, etc. he just doesn’t want sex and sometimes no amount of coaxing will make it happen. Is that ok? Of course it is. He is certainly allowed to postpone play or an orgasm if he is not interested. I’ll want to know why, of course. My primary responsibility is his well-being, but I will never insist that he perform if he is not up to it.

2) I never said he killed the mood. In my post I was giving examples of the differences between us. He thinks about sex more than I do. I wasn’t thinking about his being horny. I was thinking it was nice to be close. Two different points of view of the same moment in time. Knowing that he was horny didn’t make it any less nice to be close to him. I think it’s nice to hear that he’s horny. Last night I had to ask. It’s nicer to have that information supplied. On the other hand, I don’t need to hear it hourly. A few times a day will suffice. It makes me smile when I get an email that tells me he’s horny. His emails usually do brighten my day, but to know he’s horny really makes my day.

Once again, we need to find a balance. How many times can he tell me before it gets annoying? I don’t have a number in mind. I can’t tell him that today if he tells me six times that will be fine, but tomorrow he better not tell me more than twice. Unfortunately it won’t be that cut and dry. I do know that, up to this point, he has never crossed that threshold. Yes, hourly would be crossing the threshold. Beyond that we’ll have to play it by ear.

[Lion — Ok, point taken. I will do sexual weather reports at least twice daily. If I do too many, I risk a spanking. That’s an incentive to become a good forecaster.]