Here We Go – Again

Yesterday there was quite a bit of reaction to my post about my self-imposed rules to be a better lion. I am grateful for the support. Mrs. Lion has a very difficult challenge. It’s not that I am particularly difficult, well maybe I am, but it has more to do with her feeling confident in her decisions and actions. Over the last year or so she has gained much more confidence and authority as my keyholder. I can’t con her into giving me orgasms anymore. I come when she decides. I don’t get input unless I need to delay an orgasm. There is nothing I can do, other than use a coupon, do get an orgasm when I want. One reason I don’t use my orgasm coupons is that I like it this way. I surrendered control. That’s the deal and it is exactly what I am getting now.

FLR is a logical extension of our enforced chastity. If anything, FLR is even more exotic than enforced chastity. In a very real way, everyone practicing FLR is also probably practicing orgasm control too. Surrender includes everything, even sex. On the other hand, enforced chastity is only about sex. It requires a much more limited surrender on the part of the male. In a way, at least in our case, it was the enforced chastity that made it clear to me that I would be even happier with a much more general surrender.

Once more, Mrs. Lion agreed. Once more she is taking baby steps trying on her expanded authority. She has begun perfecting Domestic Discipline (DD). She has very successfully learned to administer a disciplinary spanking that is absolutely no fun to me. I like being spanked, but her disciplinary spankings are no fun at all. I dread getting one. Most scary for me, she is just starting. As her confidence grows, my discomfort and the color of my bottom will deepen. I actually look forward to that; not because I want more severe punishment, but because it means that Mrs. Lion has embraced her role and wants to make her point(s) in a forceful way I won’t forget.

I know that typical FLR fantasies refer to very severe DD as a key component of the domination. I am not referencing a fantasy here. I know that while the spankings I have been getting really hurt, they are rather brief and both of us are still learning. This post is yet another case of me creating a situation I will probably regret.

You may wonder why I would do that. Me too! Actually, it is because I want to focus my surrender. I want FLR, like chastity to become Mrs. Lion’s. Yes, I asked for both. I don’t think I could end my enforced chastity even if I want to. Mrs. Lion has embraced it and has found real benefits in my surrender. FLR is currently in the “it’s Lion’s thing” phase. It will take a lot before it too moves to the point where I can’t control any part of it, or stop it, no matter how much I try.

It’s only when we reach that point that we will benefit the most. Yes, FLR and enforced chastity are consensual. Both also involve full-time power exchange. At some point once the limits are well understood, the power exchanged evolves. The submissive partner completely accepts the good will and the love of the dominant partner. Input is still accepted, but ending the activities is no longer in the power of the submissive partner.

It’s that way with our enforced chastity. Even though we had negotiated a review date in March 2016, we both know that nothing will change at that time. Mrs. Lion has decided there is no reason for me to be wild again. I am permanently and happily caged for good. I don’t know if FLR will turn out the same way. I think we both sense that it may turn out the same way as enforced chastity. The power exchange isn’t easy for either of us, but the deeper into it we travel, the happier our marriage. I don’t understand why, but we have both independently observed this about chastity. I am pretty sure that FLR will continue making things better and better.