Not Tonight, I Have a Headache

As you’ve read in Lion’s post this morning, our plans last night were sabotaged by a headache. Unlike the cliche I don’t normally let a headache get in the way of sex for either of us. This, however, was a migraine. I’ll spare you specifics, but my migraines don’t start out with pain. It’s the flashes of light and other assorted weirdness that stop me in my tracks. Once the fireworks are done, then the pain starts and I can deal with that. Unfortunately by the time the pain set in it was time for bed. But, as Lion said, tomorrow is another day. Assuming I don’t have a rebound migraine today we should be on tonight.

Lion will be sending his cage in for adjustment on Friday. At this point I’ve decided to allow him to be wild until it comes back. Maybe it was the migraine talking last night; maybe it was the fact that I hate wrestling with the Chinese cage. He pretended to be very excited about being wild and I reminded him that I could make him wear the panties while we wait for the cage to be returned. I know he’s not really excited and he knows I wouldn’t really make him wear the panties for any length of time. At this point there’s no real reason for him to be caged. I trust him not to masturbate. I trust him not to cheat. The cage is a symbol. Its absence for a week will not change anything.

That said, I may play with him more while he’s wild. Maybe it will tie up his cock and balls so they don’t forget what the cage feels like. I may fashion a cage of velcro. There are quite a few possibilities. He may wish he never sent the cage back to be resized. But we know Lion. He’ll be happy for the bondage and attention, even if it does involve velcro.

Lion mentioned the other day that I found wedding bands that have a lock for him and a key for me. He’s concerned about wearing it at work. I do agree with a reader’s comment that he could explain away any questions by saying that I hold the key to his heart. It’s not untrue. Another possibility might be just a simple turn of the ring so that the lock is hidden from view and doesn’t bring attention to it. It hasn’t been vetoed but we’re still trying to figure out the best way to mark our one year chastity anniversary. I’m sure Lion thinks an orgasm for him would be a great idea. And a spanking. And bondage. And I’m sure he’ll get at least some of that. But I think we should have some way of celebrating the milestone that isn’t “just” sex. We’ll figure it out.