Despite Mrs. Lion’s wonderful plans for last night, we were unable to carry them out. She came home with a terrible headache and had a hard time just showering and getting into bed. Never fear. Tomorrow is another day. The sun will come out tomorrow along with any more cliches I can think of. No real problem. I’m sure Mrs. Lion will say more tomorrow. Besides, this gives me a chance to tell you about some other stuff.

For the last few months I’ve felt that the base ring on my cage is too large. It was never tight, but it keeps my balls in place and my penis out of trouble. However, I think it is time for an adjustment. Right now it is 1 3/4-inches in diameter (oval). When I was trying devices, I could wear a 1 5/8-inch ring but it felt snug and a little irritating. I’ve heard that the skin on the scrotum thins a little over time. I’m not sure I believe that. But there is no doubt that the ring is a bit too loose.

Many guys find that a smaller base ring is needed after a while. Of course, there are always those who try to get the very tightest they can in the beginning. They generally spend a lot of time putting lube around the ring to avoid chafing, and end up out of the cage in a short time. In my opinion, it is way better to have a larger ring and then at a later date, in my case a year later, get it made smaller.

My plan is to get my 1 3/4-inch ring sized down to 1 5/8-inches. That 1/8-inch reduction may sound small, but if you do the math (circumference = ? * diameter; or the change in diameter. So, if we make the ring 1/8-inch shorter in diameter, the circumference is reduced 3.1416 * .125 = .39 inches ) it makes the circumference close to a half inch shorter. At the same time I’ll order a 1 1/2-inch ring as well. Mature Metal will reduce or enlarge a ring for only $10. A new ring, I think, is $55. So, for $65 I can get a better fit.

In order to get a new ring, I will have to send the device back. We have a Chinese cage I wore in the beginning and while the Jail Bird was adjusted to shorten the cage. Mrs. Lion hates taking that cage off and putting it on. I suggested that I could be wild instead. She seemed agreeable to that idea. So, if she will agree to the resizing, she can decide if she wants me wild or in the old cage. She’ll have to let me know.

I hope she feels better soon. Headaches are just horrid. Feel better my sweet lioness.