Sunday night I got a surprise orgasm. I am starting to like surprises, at least some. Yesterday, Mrs. Lion sent me an email from work saying that when she comes home she expects me in my pink, frilly panties. Yuck! Well, of course I put them on and greeted her in them. Definitely not a turn on for me. Mrs. Lion has finished her monthly and set herself a new orgasm date: tonight. Now that’s a nice surprise.

We are a week away from our first enforced chastity anniversary. Mrs. Lion had an idea for gifts we could give each other: new wedding bands. Mine would have an engraved lock and hers a key. We both think the idea is very romantic. I’m not sure I could explain the lock at work, however. I love the concept, but something this obvious would be problematic. So, we are still searching for an appropriate way to mark our first enforced chastity year.

I’ve been thinking about symbols. We all know about wedding rings. They announce to the world that the wearer is taken and not available. They also provide a constant reminder to both partners of their lifelong commitment. My chastity device is also a symbol. Yes, it does provide physical restraint for my penis, but that isn’t its real power. The real power is similar to our wedding rings. It is an unmistakable reminder that my only sexual pleasure comes directly from Mrs. Lion.

Mrs. Lion has mentioned that our adoption of enforced male chastity revitalized our sex life. Since it is getting more active every week, and almost a year has passed, it’s clear that enforced male chastity isn’t just a cool sexual idea that grows old over time. I am surprised this has worked so well. Mrs. Lion has been a wonderful keyholder.

If you’re new to enforced male chastity and thinking about getting a chastity device, take a look at Getting A Good Fit. I think the single most common reason that people give up is because they have ill fitting devices. Yours should not draw attention to itself any more than your wedding ring does. Also, enforced male chastity takes time, a lot of time, to integrate into life. It will take months before you are fully comfortable wearing a device 24/7. Judging by our relationship, it will take more than a year to fully integrate enforced male chastity into your lives. Now that we are approaching the one-year mark, I can happily say that it is worth it.


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    You could say the lock represents your heart and she has the only key. 🙂

    Or you could engrave the inside of the ring so you know it’s there.

    1. Author

      Great idea. Thank you.

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    Hello Lions, recently my princess has informed me of her idea of attaching various of her favorite charms (Pandora style) to the stainless steel bars of my 24/7 jail bird as a way of “decorating” one of her favorite pieces of jewelry. I’m totally on board with her idea! -bjjb.

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