Why Not?

Lion’s next orgasm is scheduled for January 10. Of course we all know I don’t care how long he has to wait. If I want to make him come I’ll make him come. He likes that arrangement. But last night he did question it.

I was happily teasing him and edged him a few times. Then I decided to stroke him very slowly. It took a while but he was getting very excited. So I kept stroking. Eventually he was bucking into my hand. And I let him come.

His first comment was that it wasn’t the tenth yet. I asked him if he was questioning me. He said he wasn’t and that he was grateful. A little later he asked why I decided to let him come. I said, “Why not?” He said that wasn’t fair. Not fair? Since when does our arrangement have to be fair? Since when do I need a reason to allow him to come? He seemed more satisfied when I told him I wanted to let him come. Exactly what the difference is between “why not? and “because I wanted to”, I have no idea.

When I first started playing with him I was thinking about making him wear his girly panties for me tonight. Now it’s definite. If he isn’t wearing his frilly pink panties when I get home from work then he’ll get some punishment swats. Lots of them. Why not? Because I want to.