First of all, things are back to normal in the lions’ den. My libido is returning. Sunday’s play session and amazing oral orgasm seem to have done the trick. Mrs. Lion certainly knows how to push and pull my buttons and other parts. I was allowed to be wild for the balance of the afternoon and evening and then locked securely before bed.

One reader sent a question about chastity devices. He wants to get a steel cage, but doesn’t want the noise or bulk of a padlock. He didn’t know about security screws. My Mature Metal Jail Bird has a security screw instead of a padlock. This screw can only be (easily) removed with a special tool that came with the cage. Is it perfectly secure? Well, no. Is a padlock? Oh, no! Most small padlocks are easily picked, or can be cut off with a small pair of bolt cutters. Virtually any cage held in place by a cock and ball ring can be escaped by pulling the penis out and then taking the base ring off of the balls.

Pretty much everyone thinking of being locked up knows this. Based on my mail and reading, most all look for maximum security. They want a device that they can’t escape. As a result, many buy base rings that are too small and the poor guys spend time looking for lubes to ease the discomfort. The theory being that a smaller base ring is harder to pry their penis out. That’s probably true, But enough cold water, lube and pain tolerance will overcome the tightest base ring.  They know that too. So, some buy anti-pullout devices. These contraptions usually consist of pins, some are even sharpened into points, that are then fixed inside the base of the cage. Pulling out then becomes even more painful, maybe impossible for some. Well, there you go. Or do you? What happens if you get that midnight wood? You will wake up in pain when those little points stab your attempted hardon.

Every single method to “improve” security involves making the device harder to wear full time. The chastity forums are full of posts begging for help with chafing scrotums, etc. I think this is the product of wrong-headed thinking. Let’s take a moment to consider:

Q: Who wanted you to lock up your penis?
A: Me.

Q: Who would you hurt if you sneaked out of your cage and jerked off?
A: Me.

Q: What would your keyholder do if you escaped and played with yourself? (Be honest now)
A: Give you your key back. She expects you to play by your rules.

The point is that you wear the cage because you want to surrender control. If you wear it to see if you can escape, then you aren’t into enforced chastity, you are into being an escape artist. My cage is on me for some important (to me, and to a lesser extent, Mrs.Lion) reasons:

  1. It is a symbol, just like my wedding ring, that I am not alone and that in the case of my cage, I have surrendered control of my penis. It is on a visceral level for me and a visual one for Mrs. Lion.
  2. It is a continuing reminder of my surrender to both of us. I could be chaste and only get arousal and orgasm from Mrs. Lion without the cage. The cage reminds me of my surrender, and in a weak moment I can’t have an “accident.”
  3. It prevents me from having an “accident”. It is difficult enough to escape that it deters any passing need to disobey. More importantly, I doubt I could get back in if I did pull out. So Mrs. Lion will find out I cheated.
  4. I love wearing it knowing that it is important to both of us. It’s a symbol of a gift we are giving each other.

So, I don’t need a device that I can’t escape. I only need one that won’t fall off and that I can’t just slip on and off at will. What counts more in terms of hardware is that I can wear it continuously, with comfort for as long as Mrs. Lion wants me to have it on. It could be the rest of my life.

My advice to anyone in the market for a chastity device is to ignore all the security mania in the blogs and forums and instead go for the best, most comfortable fit. My wedding ring doesn’t hurt to wear why should my cage?


  1. Author

    Thanks for the quick response ya I never heard of the sceurity screws thanks for the information my wife will think that’s better than sliced bread
    Thank you

  2. Author

    Thanks for the reinforcement in that if you are constantly aware that you are wearing it then something is wrong. If it hurts something is very wrong. Also that the security screw is better than the padlock, both require the trust that this is your choice.

    That said, unless you have done something drastic (Prince Albert) no device can survive swimming in cold water.

    I looked at Lion Tracker for the first time. Why do you have Mrs. Lion’s Orgasms as 0%? (I guess I believe that this should not be there at all.)

    1. Author

      Mrs. Lion is currently not interested in orgasms. I am hopeful that will change. We track these things so that we can remember when things happened. It avoids disputes.

  3. Author

    This is a game of trust and as already said unless you take drastic action and have a Prince Albert nothing is escape proof, your cage is a symbol of that trust, for me steel looks best but I find extreme difficulty sleeping with my cage on, so I have wondered about a silicon one to be a bit softer and more comfortable for long term use, does anyone have experience of silicon cages.

    1. Author

      I have a couple of silicone devices that I tested. One, the Birdlocked is expensive but well made. All of the silicone cages I’ve tried suffer from the same thing: the silicone base ring “sticks” to the skin and is irritating. The cages thenmselves are way too big for me. A properly fitting steel cage should be find for sleeping. You may have an issue with the base ring being too small. I don’t feel mine at night and nocturnal erections don’t even wake me up.

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