The Calendar

Last night I was thinking about Lion’s scheduled date for his next orgasm. It occurred to me that since I pick the date out of thin air for the most part, there’s no reason I couldn’t assign them far ahead of time. There’s no reason I couldn’t change them if I decided he should wait more or less time. I’m undecided if I should share those dates with him in advance though.

Lion is a scheduler. His work depends on having things marked out on a calendar. I know he likes having a set orgasm date. Would he like knowing the entire schedule for months ahead of time? I could see how it might be comforting to him to know when he will have release. Or he may not like the fact that there’s a gap of only four days followed by a gap of seventeen days. Then again, he may be able to plot out when he will use his valuable coupons if he has knowledge of a longer wait time.

Ultimately it is my decision. I shouldn’t be concerned with whether he wants to know or not. If I decide to tell him, he can always ignore the dates. It’s not like I’m having a huge poster of a calendar made so I can circle the dates in bright red. But wouldn’t that be a fun idea?