Long Time No Play

As I said yesterday, I wasn’t sure if I was going to give Lion an orgasm or not. In my mind I had selected November 2 as his next date, but it seemed mean to make him wait another seven days on top of the eight he’d already waited. Of course, he hadn’t really been horny for most of those days. We also hadn’t played much.

I really had him squirming between the spanking, the anal play, and the clothes pins. Not to mention the oral attention to his cock. I was just happy he was horny again. Since he was primed I decided he should have his orgasm.

Originally I was going to put him in the sling on Saturday. If I had done that I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to let him come. I wanted to make him think he’d have a long wait. And then I’d give him one Sunday anyway. So really it was no harm no foul. He got his orgasm the day I thought he would and he got his sling time too. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t open to teasing him about waiting longer. And I could have changed my mind. Each time I edged him I could have taken the restraints off and told him we were done. I just love making him come.

When I told him his new wait time he said it was just a few days away. Well, seven, yes. And your point is? I think sometimes he forgets who makes the rules. Silly boy.