(Friday, October 24, 2014) Last night Mrs. Lion teased me. She edged me several times. It was big fun. Afterward, I was horny. That is a change! My status for yesterday has my horny level upgraded to a four! I even had an erection this morning. Things are looking better. I can’t claim to be tree-humping horny, but I am interested in an orgasm. It’s been almost a week since my last one, so I’m still not up to my usual level of arousal.

I know that Mrs. Lion plans some sling time for me this weekend. She wrote that I will be out of my cage. That should help me enjoy it more. I know she has a full dance card of activities planned. It should be fun. While she was teasing me, I got the image of her putting those tiny dollhouse clothespins on my penis (image). In the past, Mrs. Lion took pity on me and only used two. They really hurt! She may need to stuff a towel or something in my mouth if she chooses to use them again while I am in the sling. I definitely need to be restrained when she puts them on. It’s been a few years since she used them. My memory of the pain has dimmed, but I am very sure it was nearly unbearable. The idea always was to build a ring of them around the entire head. I can’t imagine how hard that would be to handle.

A good question is why I suddenly thought of that as I was being stimulated? Is it something I want? In the cold light of day I can’t claim to understand how that cropped up. What’s more interesting (and I thought of that last night too) is if this is so horrible, why am I fully erect? Wouldn’t I lose my erection in the face of all that pain? Clearly, as you can see in that image, I am fully aroused. Make no mistake, those little devils have a very tight grip. You can see that too in the image.

We haven’t done any anal stretching in a while either. I see that is on the agenda as well. Once thing I learned is that if I know there will be significant anal activity, it is a good idea to use a disposable enema before starting. This isn’t to make things “cleaner”. It makes the process much more comfortable. Put delicately, if there is fecal material in the lower colon, any insertable over a few inches will bump into it and force it backwards. That is what often hurts during anal play. If the path is clear, then things are much more comfortable. If Mrs. Lion gives me some warning I will clear out before we hit the sling.

It always helps me to anticipate a play session and to prepare for it. If we will take some pictures, I like to be sure I have no stubble or hair in front or back. Of course I want to be squeaky clean. Most importantly, I want to be aroused and ready to come if I could (which I can’t and probably won’t during the session). The more aroused I am, the more sensation I can enjoy. I think that is true of all of us. Which is easier to handle, a spanking when excited, or one just after an orgasm?

A top/keyholder can make good use of this. A punishment spanking is much more effective if administered when there is no arousal at all. On the other hand, one for play will be much more fun if I am hard and close to orgasm. Stay tuned. If we do play in the sling, I’m sure you will get a complete report and perhaps some pictures.



  1. Author

    In your image under “Slingtime For Lion On Sunday” entry, I noticed a slight whitening beneath the base of the penis where the bottom of the cage ring sits. That is the only area where my JB causes some irritation after several weeks constant wear. Do you have the same situation? The base ring never causes a problem.

    Love your blog.

    1. Author

      Thank you for reading our blog. No, the image with the post was taken long before we started chastity. I can’t remember what we did prior to the clothespins, but it may have involved some cock and ball bondage which would account for the whitening. (This image is a closeup of the white marks. They don’t look like irritation to me.) I have no irritation at all from the cage. It is completely comfortable.

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