As you may have read, this weekend Lion will be spending time in his sling. It will probably be in the middle of the day. And I will probably be fully clothed. Lion likes when we play and I am dressed. I find it odd. It may seem strange that of all the things I do to him, I would think this one thing is weird. But I do. I guess I think it’s odd because where sex is involved I assume there will be nudity. Maybe not full nudity. I don’t care if one of us has a shirt on. Socks don’t turn me off.

In a sense it feels like I’m a bystander. I’m not invited to the party. He’s naked and enjoying himself and I am doing something for him, but there’s a disconnect. I can’t explain why I would feel any more involved if I were doing the same thing while naked. It may have something to do with the skin to skin contact being more intimate.

The other thing is the image I have is of a dominatrix clad in a leather bustier, wearing stilettos and a mask, holding a riding crop. To me that looks ridiculous. I would never wear leather or a bustier. I’d break my neck in stilettos. A mask seems silly. The only part that seems reasonable is the riding crop. I can’t see how my jeans and a shirt could possibly be a turn on for Lion. Then again, I can’t see how getting spanked or dominated could be a turn on either.

We don’t often play in the sling so I guess if he wants the added pleasure of my being clothed, then I can do that for him too.