Indifferent Lion

By my count, it’s been six days since Lion’s last orgasm. He doesn’t seem in any hurry to have another one. Good thing he has me. I feel some mouth to cock resuscitation coming up in the next few days.

I edged him twice last night after smacking his balls around a bit. He’s like me right now. The body is willing even if the mind doesn’t really care. Once stimulated he will rise to the occasion. I could have given him an orgasm last night but I figured I’d wait till the weekend when we can play a bit more. As I said yesterday, he will be in the sling at some point this weekend. That doesn’t mean he’ll necessarily have an orgasm then, but it’s certainly possible. Remember, my goal is to get his horniness back. If I get him very excited and let him come, he won’t be excited anymore.

I toyed with the idea of setting a new date for his orgasm. Ultimately I decided that the date only works if he’s horny. I don’t think it would matter much to him if he had to wait now. So we’re playing it by ear again. He will probably get one this weekend whether he cares or not. I mean, at the moment he’ll care and want it, but he’s not desperate. I won’t force him to have one. If I do my job well I should never have to. As if I could ever actually force him.