No change in my general lack of sexual interest. Mrs. Lion teased me and brought me to the edge several times. It was fun. After she finished, she asked me if I was horny. I had to say that I wasn’t really. That’s odd since I was still breathing hard from the last edging. But it was true. I was perfectly happy to go back into my cage. It was fun to be teased, of course, but it didn’t make me just need to come. It was an interesting feeling. One minute I just wanted to come so badly, the next I was happy to go back into the cage.

I don’t really understand this. In the past (pre-enforced chastity), if I didn’t feel horny I didn’t have sex. Now, Mrs. Lion teases me regardless of my interest at the moment. Obviously, my interest can be stimulated. It wasn’t difficult for her to get me hard and on the edge. So my responsiveness was not affected. What was?

It seems that the best way to describe this state is that I am not particularly interested in orgasm, but available nonetheless — sort of opportunistic horniness. Maybe this is more typical in other mammals; no real overt interest in sex unless some stimulus (female in heat or her scent) is presented. In my case, no real interest in sex until Mrs. Lion played with me. When she finished, even though I didn’t come, the interest went away.

Since this is new, it worries me a bit. Maybe it is work pressure and other real life stuff getting in the way. I’m not sure. I am glad that Mrs. Lion continues to arouse me regardless. I hope that I return to my old, horny self very soon. While this is easier, it isn’t what I want.

This is an example of the sort of unforeseen issues that can crop up with long term enforced chastity. So far, most of the work in adapting to chastity has been Mrs. Lion’s. She has had to integrate her new sexual role into our life as a couple. I have been able to live a longstanding fantasy with few issues. It’s always easier to be the one controlled. My greatest task has been learning to accept my lack of control.

Loss of interest was never on my radar screen. I expected to remain in a state of continuous heat brought on by Mrs. Lion’s continuing teasing and my inability to orgasm. My challenge is to be obedient and accept my waits with grace. This new situation will take some adapting on my part. I don’t think the enforced chastity caused it, but it doesn’t make it any easier to ignore.