This weekend is the first in a long time that we haven’t had anything scheduled. Not that we don’t have a lot to do, but there’s no scheduled things. So I think amidst the laundry and cleaning, Lion should have some time in the sling. The last time in the sling didn’t go very well. This time I’ll unlock him and see if that helps. A little weenie stimulation is usually appreciated.

I’m not concerned that Lion hasn’t been horny lately. I’m sure it’s just a natural cycle. But as a top I shouldn’t be concerned. When we agreed to play every other day (barring sickness or injury) it was primarily for my benefit. A sort of kick in the pants to make sure I didn’t lapse into inertia. But what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. If I am expected to give him attention every other day then I expect him to accept the attention. However, if he is really not in the mood, if attention would be a bother, then we can discuss it. As much as he may want it at times, I do not rule with an iron fist. It’s more of an aluminum foil fist. I’m not unreasonable.

As difficult as it is for me to take control I always want to err on the side of caution. Why is he balking at a particular thing? Is he just being a toddler? Is he not feeling well? Is it an unreasonable request? I only want him to do the things he doesn’t want to do within the realm of things he loves to hate. I wouldn’t make him eat raisins. He hates raisins. I wouldn’t make him have sex with another man. That’s not his thing. I could never allow him another orgasm. I wouldn’t. But I could. I could give him punishment swats every day for a month just because. Does he deserve them? I’m sure he’s done something that I missed or I could be making up for all the things I’ve missed in the past. Is it reasonable? Maybe. Would he balk at it? Maybe not the first few days but after a while he would turn into a toddler about it.

Right now, what I want is to get my Lion through his unhorny phase and the best way I know how is to keep playing with him. At some point he will be horny again. In the meantime, I hope he has some fun.

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