Fun with Velcro

Last night I decided Lion needed to be teased. He hasn’t been very horny lately but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t need to be unlocked and taken for a walk around the block, so to speak. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do to him, but I grabbed my little bag of tricks after I unlocked him. It has clothes pins, a small rope, some clamps, and velcro in it. I choose the velcro.

When I put the velcro on his flaccid cock it does dig in, but the real challenge for him is when he starts to get hard. The harder he gets the tighter the velcro gets. The tiny little teeth bite in. And then I start to open it. A little bit at a time. I make him think about how much it will hurt when it finally lets go. Last night I had two pieces on him. I released the top one before the bottom one so I could play with him better. Then I draped the loose one over the head of his penis and attached the ends to the velcro that was still encircling the base. And I stroked him. This way the tiny little teeth bite into the head of his cock. Looks painful. Lion says he hates the velcro but like I always say, if he really hated it he wouldn’t get hard with it on.

Then I decided to edge him a few times. I asked if he was horny and he said not really. I need to get him back to tree humping horny again. I’m hoping by this weekend he’ll be ready for his birthday present. The calendar still reads October 9 for his scheduled orgasm even though he’s had two since then. At some point I will reset it. I was waiting until we did his birthday present, but since I have allowed him to schedule that whenever he wants it, I think I should pick a new date. Maybe it will snap him out of his unhorny period.