Laid Back

The past few days have been sort of laid back for us. We did some work in the yard over the weekend and it was just so hot I think it wiped us out. For me it was the humidity more than anything. Neither one of us seemed to be much in the mood to play, although I did shove the smaller Njoy plug up Lion’s butt last night. Generally when he has it in him he’s laying down. I’m considering putting it in when he’ll be walking around to see if it’s more difficult for him.

Last night I worked a little late and we thought Lion would be home first, so I asked if he would make dinner. He agreed. It turns out we were both stuck in horrible traffic so I made it home first. I wound up making dinner, but he brought home dessert and breakfast for this morning. And he brought me flowers. If I didn’t know any better I’d say he was trying to butter me up so I will give him time off for good behavior. Well…it worked. His six days would have been up on Thursday, but I missed playing with him one night so I reduced it to Wednesday. Now that he brought me flowers, his sentence will be over tonight. I know he can make it longer and I’m actually not in any hurry to give him an orgasm this time, but fair is fair. He earned his time off.

In light of his disclosure that he doesn’t really care if he has a specific date for his next orgasm I’m not sure if I will be picking another number tonight. Maybe we’ll just play this one by ear. One thought I had was maybe using only the cards numbered one through four to determine how many times I would edge him on a particular night. Just a different twist on things. I haven’t decided if I’ll do that or not. Maybe I could set mini goals for him along the same lines as his goal for the bigger Njoy plug. If he reaches the goal in the specified time period he earns an orgasm. At one point we used a timer. I’d start stroking him and if he didn’t come when time ran out I stopped and we waited a bit before the next time period. So many ways to torture him!