As you know, Lion currently has a six day wait. Although we haven’t discussed it, he is eligible for time off or time added. I don’t have any specifics for him, other than saying it will have to be something that makes me take notice one way or the other. A “that’s really sweet” moment or an “I can’t believe you just did that” moment. However, since I did not abide by my own rule of teasing/playing with him at least every other day I am considering reducing his “sentence” by a day. Had he done something to annoy me I might have been in the right for ignoring him that extra day, but it was my error so he should not have to suffer.

His next goal really has nothing to do with his wait time, though. We have an Njoy butt plug that is fairly easy for him to accommodate. Its big brother is quite a bit larger. I want him to be able to accommodate it. I don’t have a schedule for this. I’m fairly sure I won’t want to do ass play with him every night so it may take some time to get him ready for the big one. However, when he does accomplish this goal he gets an orgasm no matter what his wait time is at that point.

His ultimate goal, and one we worked on quite a while ago, is to be able to accept my fist. When we played on a somewhat regular basis, the furthest I was able to get in was four fingers up to the second knuckle. The widest part of my hand is about three inches when it’s flat. I may shave off a half inch when I cup it. They are definitely smaller than Lion’s hands, but they are still a lot for him to handle. I know he can do it. It will just take a lot of work for both of us.

For now, we’ll concentrate on the larger Njoy butt plug. It’s doable within a fairly short time frame I think.