Long, long ago before the Internet, before the telephone, before trains and planes, people needed to communicate when they were not physically together. This was accomplished via snail mail. Letters were how romances started and blossomed, families shared news, and people stayed in touch. These letters were usually quite long and involved a lot of thought on the part of the sender. Technology changed all that. The phone and the Internet replaced personal correspondence for most of us. You might be thinking that the Internet brought written communications back; it did but not in the same way as before. Most email, text, tweets, Facebook messages, etc. are written quickly and sent without another thought. Before technology stepped in, it could take days to compose, edit and rewrite a letter before mailing it. You may be wondering what this has to do with forced male chastity; I’m getting to that.

One of the most amazing outcomes of my being caged turns out to be this blog. It started out as an alternative to the fantasy-based “information” that proliferates on the Web. Hopefully we are meeting that goal. Mrs. Lion and I are getting an unexpected benefit: the exercise of writing a daily post on chastity has become an opportunity to see into each other’s mind and emotions. By sharing our lives with you, we are also conducting a dialog with each other. This dialog as you know, is very intimate and touches on much more than just caging my penis.

We spend a lot of time thinking about what each other writes and what we write every day. Sometimes our posts become a conversation about topics we have never been able to articulate out loud. It feels to me like a much deeper, more emotionally true conversation. Could we do this face-to-face just talking? I suppose we could, but I don’t think I would be able to articulate what I want to say at the speed of talk. Writing here allows me to stop and consider what I am saying. I go back and edit. Sometimes I throw complete posts away. I know Mrs. Lion does the same.

Does that mean you are eavesdropping on our intimate, lovers’ conversations? No, not at all. For me, it means that I am sharing with you, a trusted friend, my feelings and knowledge on this subject. My most trusted friend, Mrs. Lion is also a reader. We have both worried that maybe this is too dull and you aren’t going to get value for spending time here reading. Mrs. Lion is concerned that she is repeating herself. I have the same concern as well. But I don’t think either of us can really change what we want to say. We’ve learned that for us, forced chastity is much more than sexual control. It is a tool that requires us to actively consider and act on our sexual needs and desires. I can’t just withdraw and ignore intimacy. Mrs. Lion knows that I can’t even get an erection without her help. It brings our sexual relationship into sharp focus. For me it also allows me to experience surrender of control. That is a very big deal. An even bigger deal is that Mrs. Lion is willing to accept the burden of providing that control. And, thanks largely to our blog, we discuss what’s going on every single day.

I know that not everyone who takes up forced male chastity will have the same experience as ours. I am pretty sure that many people share our practical and emotional challenges. Your comments continue to provide us with helpful information that enriches our experience. In my opinion this is all happening because every day Mrs. Lion and I bring our chastity and sexual lives into focus so we can write to you. Thank you.