The other night when I released Lion from his cage I noticed a reddish area on his balls. He said it was sore. I decided to leave him wild so it could heal. Last night he asked if I wanted to lock him up again. I decided to give him another day of freedom to make sure the soreness was gone.

When he returned his Jail Bird to be resized, the cock ring was lost. I think the new ring is smaller than the original. It is more difficult for him to get in and out of it. That would be good news (less chance for escape) if it weren’t for the fact that it may be irritating his skin.

I’m not suggesting that Lion will remain wild. But it did make me think about caged males who are never allowed out of their cages except for cleaning, teasing, and the infrequent orgasm. How? Do they never get sore? I’m curious. I know Lion is allergic to many things and has very sensitive skin, but he can’t be the only one whose cage creates sore spots.

Tonight I’m hoping his sore spot will be gone and I can lock him up again. Without fanfare? Of course not! There will be some teasing involved. Maybe even a farewell orgasm before he’s exiled. I might even give him a date for his next wait. This time, perhaps, I will adhere to it.


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    When it comes to chastity devices, I’ll refer you to Thumper, who seems to have personally worn about 50% of the ones that are out there. Well, I kid, but sometimes it feels like that.

    Specifically about the JailBird, there are things in its design that can cause irritation. Those things can be fixed. Thumper describes his “Jail Bird 2” as one of the most comfortable devices he has.

    I think the three things that are most likely to apply to Lion’s plight are:
    – Thickness of the ring. A single ring will chafe, because it’s pretty thin. Get the dual option.
    – Oval ring vs. round ring. The oval option will be much more comfortable.
    – Placement of the post. This alone makes a big difference, and the pictures on Thumper’s blog will show you why and how. The default was – and may be on your JB – that the two rings behind and in front of the balls are on an offset. That’s “pinch city” right there. By moving the post, they are aligned.

    Get those three things in order, and make sure the scrotum ring is sized correctly, and this thing should be comfortable for months on end. Sizing of that scrotum ring might take a few tries. 2mm make a big difference in that area.

    I have no experience with sizing a ring on a chastity device. I know my cock ring size is 5mm bigger than the diameter of my erect cock at the base, but I don’t know whether those measurements would be right for a chastity device that stifles erections. It might be chastity rings need to be smaller. Thumper could give you better guidance there, he’s sized plenty of these for his own use.

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      I think you may want to look back a bit. I have been wearing a Jail Bird (there is no Jail Bird 2) since February. It was perfectly comfortable but the cage was too long. A couple of weeks ago I sent it back to be shortened. The ring, which was perfect, was lost in the mail. MM made me a replacement ring. The replacement appears to be smaller than my original. Both rings are oval. So, the issue has nothing to do with sizing. My original measurement of 1 3/4″ dia. was perfect. William may have accidentally made the replacement smaller. I have read Thumper’s writing on the Jail Bird. I think it is great he found something that felt right to him. I loved mine. We are going to send it back so that William can check the ring size and also lengthen the cage a little (1/2″).

      The best way to size the cock and ball ring is to try different sizes. MM sells a set of “sizing” rings. I didn’t need them. I had been wearing an off-the-shelf device and by experimentation found the right size. Please see our section on measuring: Getting A Good fit.

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