I Trust Lion

lion on his back
Lion is horny and wild for now. He said I can trust him not to do something stupid. I trust him.

Last night I freed Lion from his cage. He needed manscaping and he has a doctor’s appointment today. I was debating whether to give him an orgasm, figuring that the temptation of being frustrated for five days and now being free would be too much. He said he would rather wait.

After spanking him I edged him a few times. Then I asked him how long he wanted to wait for release. He said he didn’t know, but he’d like to make it longer than last time. He wants to see what it feels like. So I decided to trust my wild Lion, uncaged and loose in the world.

I’m not sure if we’re talking marathon or not. He has said I could make him wait for the rest of his life if I wanted to. I don’t. I don’t really see the purpose of making him wait at all. But, as I’ve said in the past, I try to make him happy. So we’ll wait. I think today is day six. I’m shooting for the weekend, but I’m also waiting for some signal from him. Since it’s the first time I’m really making him wait I have no idea what to do. I know it’s my decision. But he must have some idea of how long. Does he want to go until he’s really, really needs to orgasm? Does he want to go for one day more than he went last time? Does he want to go for the marathon? Will it be a point of pride if he makes it two weeks? A month?

I was just thinking that it may be possible that I lose interest the longer we wait. I’m wondering if I feel less in control because I don’t know how long we’re waiting. Those thoughts just popped into my head as I’m writing this. I haven’t really even processed them yet. It’s not unusual for me to fluctuate between being comfortable with being in charge and being completely lost. At some point I’ll swing back and things will be clearer.

For now, my Lion is wild and I trust him.

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  1. Author

    Neither of us know how long I should go. My thought was to see how things develop. Will my behavior change? Will I become desperate? If I do, how will I express it? Will I transfer my desire to orgasm to working harder to please Mrs. Lion? I don’t know.

    I don’t want to see Mrs. Lion’s interest fade due to extended lockup. She will have to guard against that. I will never complain if she wants me to come to keep her interest alive.

    The key to how long I go without should be what works for her, first and foremost, and then what value is added to our sexual life if I wait. I think we just have to try and see.

    My post tomorrow talks about how I feel about security and being a wild lion. Stay tuned.

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