Birthday Weekend Part 2

As she promised, last night the birthday festivities continued. I got a very fun birthday spanking that left me red and burning. But unlike punishment, there was a nice buildup and Mrs. Lion used her hands for much of it. I do like those! She followed that with another famous use of her hands: she teased me and edged me. I asked if she could also use the Magic Wand. She agreed. It was fun, but the most arousal came from her hands, not the vibrator. The combination of her hand and the vibe is amazing! But, alas, only edging last night. I didn’t expect more.

Mrs. Lion expected me to be hard when she had me turn over after the spanking. I wasn’t. Erection as a result of spanking is not typical of me. The only times I can remember staying hard even while being swatted was when Mrs. Lion edged me and then, while I was hard, had me turn over for spanking. Then, even though it was pretty uncomfortable, my hard penis stuck out between my legs while she swatted. I don’t think I ever stayed erect for the entire process, but I was for a good deal of it. Clearly it was arousing. I think that while it is arousing in its own way, just spanking without a big penis warm up will not get me hard. I think that’s pretty typical. Some guys can even come just from being spanked. Not me. In my past life as a top, I noticed that quite a few women did have orgasms as the result of spanking and flogging. I liked it when that happened. It’s just so, well, perverse; pain converted directly into sexual arousal. How efficient! It’s like solar energy, a wonderful renewable resource. This is yet another example of female sexual superiority. Of course that doesn’t mean I think that means us males don’t deserve orgasms. It just means that many females can have a lot more fun getting them. I guess girls do have more fun.

One thing that has some chance of getting me aroused on its own is bondage. I really like how it feels when I have truly lost control. Mrs. Lion isn’t particularly fond of it. Getting me attached to the bed spread eagle takes some work. It isn’t something you can really do every night. Being my helpful self, I did set up a quick and easy way to get my hands out of the way. There is an eyebolt in the headboard of our bed that has two velcro wrist cuffs hanging from it. This is industrial-strength velcro. I can’t pull those cuffs off. It was a good plan to make bondage more convenient, but I failed to consider a critical point: Mrs. Lion doesn’t think of it when she is ready to spank or play. It’s not her fault. Bondage is one more alien concept her perverted lion introduced into her life unbidden. I suppose I could hang a sign over the bed that says, “Did you restrain his hands today?” That could help.

The truth is that I don’t think about those cuffs much either. They cross my mind when I am being spanked and when I am approaching the edge during teasing. I generally keep my hands over my head when she teases me. It isn’t a rule, but feels sorta like bondage to me. My guess is that once something like that becomes a fairly regular part of our play, it may become less exciting. I’m not sure that’s true. It’s been many years since I was first restrained and it still gets to me. It’s obvious I like bondage. I like that I am locked into a chastity device all the time. That is a very practical form of bondage. It’s very obvious I don’t need to be restrained, even for punishment. However, having at least my hands secure does keep my efforts to wriggle a way to a minimum. On the other hand, I agree that I should learn to lie still and accept it. So maybe bondage is only for fun times. Or perhaps it is something that happens only a few times a year. I’m good with whatever my lioness wants to do. I’m already way luckier than I have any right to be.

Saturday was terrible in terms of weather. It rained on and off all day. We had to run some errands anyway. Even though we got wet every time we got out of the car, it was still fun being together. We do have fun regardless of what we are doing.While I was out of work, we learned to be creative shoppers. I had taken a course in grilling and smoking last spring. Yes, I was out of work, but the course had been paid for months before I lost my job. It was one of those half price Living Social coupons. The school bought supplies from a place called Cash and Carry. It’s a chain of stores that specialize in selling food to restaurants, convenience stores, and food service companies. Since we were pinching pennies, we looked the store up and visited one not too far from home. It was like a warehouse store on steroids. Many of the products sold were in huge packages meant for restaurants. However, there were many items of more reasonable size at truly great prices. For example, we bought 25 pounds of beets for $14. The supermarket sells beets for over $2 a pound. I made and canned pickled beets. One of the items that is particularly economical is onions. Yellow onions sell for 99 cents a pound in the supermarket. I can buy 10 pounds for just $3.25. We found similar savings on a lot of food items we need. Even though I am working again, we decided to go there yesterday and fill in things we need.

We managed to score some great savings there. Another way we saved big bucks when we were broke was to buy baked goods at one of the bakery’s outlet stores. It’s close to Cash and Carry. We scored six english muffins for 68 cents (we got a few bags), a loaf of bread for $1.00, sandwich rolls for less than a buck, and we got a free pack of hot dog buns. We spent $10 for everything we wanted. I know, you see this as dull stuff, but we had a great time. Simple pleasures for simple creatures, I suppose. While out shopping I kept thinking about a line from “Annie Hall”. Woody Alan is having dinner with Annie’s parents. The discussion was awkward and painful. At one point, I can’t remember the exact leadup, Woody says, “The one sin in my family is buying retail.” We didn’t sin yesterday.