hidden key
I’ve hidden Lion’s key. I hope I can remember where I hid it (so does he)

Last night I took my favorite toy out of its cage and played with it. I was thinking I’d only stretch it a little. I wasn’t going to edge Lion. But he moaned and I figured I’d give him a little more attention. Just a little. So I edged him and when I was done I handed him the cock ring and told him to replace it when he was soft.

I know Lion doesn’t want to know where the key is. I don’t know if this is from a temptation standpoint or a power thing. Whatever it is, this morning I hid the key in a different place. Now it’s a crap shoot whether I can remember where I hid it. And will I remember to bring it for our weekend away?

No matter how comfortable he says he his in cage, I think he thinks about sex more often now than he did when he was wild. I think it makes him a little crazy not to be able to touch himself.  He won’t admit it, but I think he’s really missing his favorite toy so he may throw a temper tantrum or two. I guess it’s just another training opportunity.

I’m not sure how long I plan to deny Lion. It would be silly of me to post a date on here where he could see it even if I had one in mind. Sometimes he can sway me by moaning, whimpering, and otherwise being pathetic. Sometimes I just laugh at him.

We’re still playing it by ear.


  1. Author

    Tantrums? Tantrums? TANTRUMS!!!! Have I really had any tantrums? I think not! Humph!

  2. Author

    Tantrums, I’ve had a few…too many. Merry called me a “spoiled brat” on a FB post. If we were to return to a semblance of. DD relationship, I think my attitude and mouth would top the list of punishable offenses.

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