Pageantry and Fanfare

For reasons I don’t think I’ll ever understand, Lion really wanted not only his key, but also the labels that secure his emergency key, hidden where he’d never find them. Up till then I was “hiding” the labels in my nightstand. Where can I hide things that he can’t find them if he really wants to find them? If he is desperate to get out of his cage undetected, he could rip the house apart. Unless I keep the key on my house keys, it will always be in the house somewhere. If I don’t hide the labels, he could get into his emergency key and replace the label and I’d never know.

But would he ever actually look for the key? Would he ever actually use the emergency key and replace the label behind my back? Isn’t this his idea? Doesn’t he want to be caged? Of course he’d never look for the key. He’d never use the emergency key unless it was an emergency. What I see as unnecessary, he sees as part of the pageantry of male chastity. I want him to have the emergency key with him. As far as I’m concerned he could just have it attached to his key chain like a regular key. He wants it to be have the security label and shrink wrap to prove he hasn’t used it. It’s all fanfare.

The problem is, no matter where I hide the key or the labels, Lion could potentially find it. I need it conveniently located, but secure. I thought of locking it away, but then I’d need a key to unlock the key. No good. He could just find that key to get the other key. I remembered I used to have a jewelry box when I was younger that had a tiny padlock with a combination. But technically that lock would have been no challenge for Mr. I-have-every-tool-known-to-man. He probably could have broken through in no time. Would he? Nope. Pageantry. So I needed a better solution.

We found the lock box that Lion showed a picture of in his post this morning. He must have asked me four or five times if I’d set it up yet. Is the key locked away? Did I put the labels in? Well, geez man, I just got home. And why would I lock the key up just to pull it right back out again to give him his orgasm. Unless he didn’t want his orgasm. Nope. I didn’t think he was saying that. Then we moved on to the importance of a good password. It couldn’t be a birth date. He knows all the birth dates I’d use. Birth dates are never a good idea for passwords. They are too easy to figure out. He could figure out my kids birth dates in no time. It can’t be a password or PIN I use for other things because he could figure those out too. Great. Now I have another password to remember. But would he really try to figure out the password? Nope. Pageantry.

So I now have a ten pound lockable brick just under the bed, which I’m positive will take out at least a few of my toes at various points in time, and I will have to drag it out every night to get out the key, hiding the password from him each time so he can’t figure it out. Oh, and there are two emergency keys in case I forget the combination that I now have to hide so he can’t find them and get the key. And around and around we go.


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    ‘Like’ is not strong enough: I wish there was a ‘Love’ button for this post. Or, at the very least, a thumbs-up or fist-bump.



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      I don’t share your enthusiasm. It may be silly pageantry to you and Mrs. Lion. It is a meaningful expression of my desire to lose control to me.

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        I didn’t say it was silly. Nor do I disparage your desire to hand over control.

        I *do* get where she’s coming from. Her vocabulary hits home for me on a personal level, and I appreciate her honesty.

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