Our posts over the last couple of weeks mention Lioness 2.0. For reasons neither of us understand, she decided to become stricter and less interested in whether I am enjoying what she does to me. Let me be clear that I consider this to be a very good thing. I don’t think it is such a good thing when activities start getting very intense. But given the distance of a few hours from the activities, I acknowledge that she is doing exactly what I want.

This is the first time in my life that I am truly not in control, particularly when we play. 2.0 is not going to stop what she is doing just because I am unhappy at the moment. Of course she will stop if I am in genuine distress. We don’t currently have a safe word. She trusts me to report honestly if things go a bit too far. We also don’t have a signal to “slow down”. Part of her control is that she decides how much buildup I get. I agree with that decision.

Our play is much more intense. She wants me to really feel what she is doing. I think that this is just the beginning. Sensibly, she is not starting at full intensity. She is learning to judge how much I can take versus how much I want. I’m beginning to learn to take what she gives without needing to be tied down. I’m not very good at that. Punishment spankings, particularly when she hits a certain spot become too much for me and I try to either get away or verbally stop her. So far 2.0 doesn’t stop immediately, but she does seem to turn down the force and end the spanking

I don’t expect that to last. I have no idea how I will learn to handle it when she keeps going. I suspect that when things get that serious, I may need to be tied down. I am fine when she hits other parts of my butt. There is this one spot that sends me through the ceiling. I don’t recall any bottoms I have spanked reporting anything like this. I don’t expect or want 2.0 to avoid the spot. I just have no clear idea how to learn to improve my ability to receive her spankings. Any suggestions?

My inability to overcome this bothers me a lot. I think I have improved in my bottoming in the other areas we have tried. I can handle anal penetration and I am making progress with pegging. But spanking seems to be an activity I am not learning to manage. I understand it hurts; and in the case of punishment, should hurt a lot. My unacceptable reactions seem involuntary. I know they aren’t. But I can’t help myself.

Other people regularly handle much more severe spankings without even a whimper. It’s become important to me to be able to accept a severe spanking without squirming away. Mrs. Lion will not put up with too much of my escape attempts and complaints; at least I hope she won’t.  I just have no idea how to do better in this area and it frustrates me.

I admit it. I’m confused. Here I am, the big, bad, former dominant (dormant dominant?) finding myself massively turned on by obviously subby things. It isn’t that the stuff 2.0 is doing to me is new. We’ve played at some point with most of them. It’s that the feeling is different. Maybe we need some background to make this a bit less murky.

In an email yesterday: “By the way, 2.0 doesn’t care if you don’t like the pain while she’s doing it.”

I’ve always been turned on by bondage (mine and others) and by physical control (ditto). My first BDSM experiences were as a bottom. That didn’t go very well. It was upsetting me on some very deep levels. I then spent the next couple of decades as a dominant. That did go well. I was successful and had a lot of fun. Then things changed.

I met Mrs. Lion at the same time I was feeling a strong urge to bottom. To be more specific, I wanted sensation play: spanking, CBT, etc. We played for a while and then stopped. Then a bit over two years ago, we resumed. These adventures are fully documented in this blog.  What’s new now is Lioness 2.0.

Over the last two-plus years of enforced chastity, the amount of sensation play as well as the more serious FLR and domestic discipline has gradually increased. A couple of weeks ago, Mrs. Lion announced Lioness 2.0. This update dramatically increased her dominance and the level of sensation play she does.

Gone are the days she only did things to me as long as I appeared to be enjoying them them. Spankings are classically severe and continue until she feels she has made her point. My cries and complaints fall on deaf ears. Yes, I know, it’s what I wanted all along. The same is true of BDSM play. That menthol rub is applied to my balls without regard for my reaction. Actually, it is my reaction that spurs her on. She saw the pain on my face, so she added more. Later, she enjoyed the bright red stripe along the seam of my scrotum that her experiment caused.

Most recently, I have been required to wear a dog collar complete with tag at all times except in public. After a couple of nights trying to sleep in it it, I am finally able to leave it on through the night. In the past when we used the collar, I did wear it for a while. She would let me take it off when I was a bit uncomfortable. 2.0 will have none of that. It remains on. Period.

The only rule that leaves me any latitude is the nudity-at-home rule. I am allowed to wear a t-shirt if I feel cold. Otherwise, choice has been taken away. I was unsure how I would react to a regime which disregards my preferences. I think Mrs. Lion was too. The fact is that since 2.0 arrived, my horniness has increased dramatically. Hoo boy!

I still feel nervous about where things are going. 2.0 isn’t plunging in full speed. I’m the one who does that. But she is steadily shortening my leash. She’s decided to take me up on suggestions I’ve made that she previously considered foolish because they would hurt or restrict me more than she thought I would like. She likes to say, “You want this.” Well, yes. But this much? This hard? This inconvenient?

Her answer is a resounding yes. She’s right. It is what I want. 2.0 is as puzzled as ever at why I would want this stuff. But the new lioness apparently decided she doesn’t need to know why. She’ll just be a good partner and give me what I want as well as what she decides I want or need; of course without consulting me. Apparently I truly do want all this. I haven’t felt this horny in ages.

Yesterday I assured Lion that his date would not change unless he did something incredibly stupid. He didn’t. He did, however, have something on his punishment list. A big something. I grabbed the nasty bloodwood paddle with the rough stuff on it. I gave Lion four hard swats with the rough side and then gave him a rest. The next four were with the regular side of the paddle. He squirmed a little bit and I mentioned it to him. He said it really hurt and I said he needed to stay still. It’s not my problem that he can’t stay still. I’m only punishing him because he did something to warrant it.

I let him fester for a while and then I unlocked him. We snuggled for a bit and I teased him because he said he was very horny, but Mr. Weenie didn’t immediately spring to attention. What’s up with that? Was he really horny? Couldn’t be. He was hard soon enough though and it was apparent he was very horny. But weenies don’t get an orgasm just because they’re ready for one. They need to be edged a few times. Besides, I told Lion I wanted a lot of cream filling as a reward for letting him come. I had to make sure I’d get my treat.

After using my hand for a while I decided he needed oral attention. I got him oh so close a few times before I finally sucked him dry. He made the best noises. I guess he really was horny. And now he’s a satisfied boy who says he feels good this morning. I hope so. I also hope he’ll be very horny again on Valentine’s day for his next scheduled date. I bet he will. I’ll make sure of it.

We had a busy weekend. Each day I looked forward to not having to go out, but we had errands in addition to chores. By dinnertime I was so tired of running up and down stairs doing laundry that I bribed Lion. He’d spilled syrup on his shirt at breakfast and sauce on his shirt at dinner. I told him I’d take one of those offenses off his list if he went downstairs to put the laundry in the dryer and retrieve dishwasher detergent from the pantry. Zoom! Down the stairs he went. When he came back up he said I could have just asked him to do it and he would have. I know that, but I really didn’t want to go back down those stairs again and why not sweeten the deal for him?

For the rest of the night, aside from a few odds and ends chores that needed to be done, we just vegetated. Lion’s allergies were bothering him. With all the furniture moving and dust stirring-up, he was itchy. I was just tired and sore. I’m sure Lion would have loved to play, but I had no energy.

We got the Lion punishment bank yesterday. It’s a silly looking lion bobble head. I’m not sure if we’ll use it. I sort of like the way it is now. On punishment night, Lion has to tell me why I’m about the swat him. If there are pennies in the bank will we know what the offenses are? Would I be any more likely to add pennies than I am to tell him what to add to his list? If I tell him why I’m adding a penny, why can’t I just tell him I’m adding something to his list that he has to remember? I’m not seeing the need for the bank. Maybe I will in the future.

Lion’s next scheduled orgasm is February 1. I considered moving it to the 2nd and then giving him a Groundhog day orgasm for a few days afterward, but I didn’t. One is enough. Unless I decide it isn’t. At first, February 1st seemed very far away until I realized we’re already almost done with January. Lion can certainly wait nine days between orgasms. He can wait longer if that’s what I decide. I’ve only extended his wait time once (not due to illness or injury), but who knows what Mrs. Lion 2.0 will do.