I’ve been getting a bunch of comments accusing me of stupidity for letting Lioness 2.0 know about things I am thinking about that could cause me discomfort. While I may not be the brightest Lion in the jungle, I am fully aware of the risks I take by putting potentially painful (to me) thoughts into her head. I make these suggestions because I think they will enhance our adventures in enforced chastity and FLR. Believe it or not, I have good reason to offer up these ideas.

One of the central tenets of any power exchange is that it is consensual. Mrs. Lion has  my full, informed consent to do anything she wishes to me or make me do anything she wants. She has this blanket consent because I absolutely trust her. That’s both good news and bad news. The good news is that she is never going to do anything that will really harm me physically or emotionally. The bad news is that she is so concerned that I am having a good time and I am happy that she won’t do anything or make me do anything that she believes I don’t want. Since one of my key kinks is to be made to experience things I don’t want, there is a conflict.

Obviously, there are things she could do that I would not only hate, but would also push me too far and cause me real upset. She has never been willing to get near causing that. She loves me and it’s her love that motivates her actions. Combine that concern with a general lack of enthusiasm for torturing me and you get Lioness 1.0. 2.0, on the other hand, has shown considerably more interest in finding ways to push me. I love that.

Even 2.0 worries a bit more than I wish about my comfort zone. In some areas 2.0 has shown a delightful lack of concern for whether I like something or not. She has shown signs of that in recent spankings. She hits harder and a bit longer than before. She appears to be less concerned that I don’t like what she is doing.  At the time I hate it and want it to stop, but I am very happy she is starting to push me.

Last weekend’s anal/pegging was a great start. I don’t like how it feels, but I do like that I can’t stop it and that she is going to keep working on it until I can be made to sit on the fucking machine for longer and longer times. Of course, right now I can’t even take the entire dildo in when she is carefully working it with her hands. But if she persists, I will learn; like it or not.

These two examples illustrate the point I want to make: What I want, maybe really need, is to be taken out of my comfort zone and trained to accept things I will hate at first. Why? It’s my kink, I guess.

This feels a bit bipolar to me. How can I do anything I can to stop a spanking, yet a day later beg her to push me further and be stricter? How can I truly hate menthol rub on my balls, yet ask her here in the blog to keep doing it? I want her to train me to do things, even humiliating things, on command yet hate it when it is happening.

I’ve given this a lot of thought. It’s not so much that I am a masochist who wants to suffer. I don’t get aroused by the pain at all. I think it has much more to do with control and how training me and controlling me is somehow interpreted by me to mean that I am loved. Whatever the reason, I am a happier person with 2.0 than I was with 1.0. I might be wrong but 2.0 seems happier too.

Invisible leash remote
Mrs. Lion takes me shopping. Her invisible leash is always right at hand.

(Sunday, May 11 2014) To me one of the best signs of a healthy forced male chastity relationship is seamless integration into day-to-day living. Here is a picture (top) of Mrs. Lion with our shopping cart as we do our weekly trip to the warehouse store. The remote for my shock collar hangs loosely from her wrist. The business end – the receiver/shocker – is buried safely under my balls (bottom photo). You can see that it makes very good contact against that most sensitive spot.

So far, she hasn’t used it much. Once today, as we were walking down an isle I got a sharp zap. I looked at her, puzzled. “You interrupted me. You’re not supposed to do that.”

I had. The reminder did its job and I went silent. This device is proving very effective as a way to both “page” me when wanted and to correct me when I fail to obey either a rule or command. As of today, I only have two rules that my lioness enforces: don’t spill food or drink, and don’t interrupt. I usually get some bare bottom spanking for spilling at home, and when we are out I get zapped.

Spanking is a very effective punishment. It demonstrates my keyholder’s power and it has an after effect that can last for days. Zapping, however is very different. It’s applied while I am naughty. It’s a strong sensation and when it stops there is no after effect at all. The simple remote control allows my keyholder to vary the intensity from something I can barely feel, to one that will make me jump. She can hold the button for only a second or for 10.

The ability to vary intensity and time is a very useful training aid. If trying to correct a behavior like touching his genitals, the first reminder can be a rather mild zap. Repeated mistakes can get stronger and longer messages. The caged male determines how intense is correction will be. If he is a good boy it won’t be much at all. Repeating the offense will result in more discomfort.

Shock trainer under balls
The business end of the trainer is strapped under the balls, behind the cage’s cock and ball ring. Note how the electrodes are in tight contact with my skin.

When we first considered using a training collar for male training, my concern was that the sensation would be far too mean, like a cattle prod, to be used under my tender balls. I was wrong. When we test the device, Mrs. Lion has to dial up considerably before I feel a tiny tingle. I always ask her to go up one more notch for signalling. The next notch feel a little stronger and unmistakable. If I wander off, a couple of zaps will bring me back. If I don’t move fast enough, I can expect stronger, repeated zaps until I am where I am told to be.

The hardest part of this more Mrs. Lion is the authority I want her to have. I know she doesn’t want to take charge of her lion in sexual (or any) matters. She is starting to see that it can be useful. She hates when I interrupt her. Now she has a simple, effective way to stop me from doing that anymore. She doesn’t mind if my hand wanders between my legs, so there is no correction there.

I know I should have lots of great ideas on what behaviors she may want to correct. I am embarrassed to say that I don’t. Is it that I just don’t have any bad habits? That can’t be. How many lions do you know who don’t need training?

You can help us. What requires discipline in your relationship? What male activities need the sort of conditioning and supervision this great toy provides? If you had a remote control for your male, how would you use it?

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