no sex for lions
Being forced to wait is sexy in its own way. Forced male chastity is full of contradictions. Humans (and lions) are very strange critters.

The earliest reading I did about forced male chastity featured docile obedient males instantly tamed by virtue of a device being locked on their genitals. If these guys were submissive to start, maybe I could buy the instant docility. Even now after months of being caged, I don’t find myself inclined to be docile. Reading forums devoted to male chastity and heavily screened to keep fiction out, I find very little along these lines either. In fact, the idea of male control (obedience, etc.) doesn’t frequently appear in the same context as forced chastity. I think it is easy to make the assumption that if a male allows his keyholder to take absolute control over his ability to enjoy orgasm or erection, then it follows that he will do anything to induce her to let him get off. In practice, for me at least, that isn’t the case.

This may be due to the fact that Mrs. Lion doesn’t make me wait very long between orgasms. She never uses the threat of extending my orgasm-free lockup for failing to obey her. It’s true that I have very little to do in terms of obedience. If I avoid dropping food (not easy for me), don’t get grumpy with waitstaff and clerks, and wait for permission to eat, I am obeying my keyholder. Failure to do either results in a shock  if I have my leash on, or a small paddling later if I don’t. Neither has anything to do with my caging. I’ve always helped around the house, inside and out, and I cook frequently. So domestic duties don’t seem to be an area that needs exploring.

In my reading, I see that most of the writing by caged males is about living with the hardware. Some talk about length of being locked up. Is this the new “mine is longer than yours” discussion for caged males? Both caged males and keyholders write about tease and denial, ruined orgasms, masturbating and orally pleasing keyholders, and accidental male orgasms. Very little is written about obedience, punishment, or chores.

My conclusion is that ironically, forced male chastity is about sex; odd for something that prevents sex from happening. In most cases it is also about other things. For many it includes top and bottom play where the keyholder does classic BDSM topping of her caged male. This includes bondage, spanking, anal play, as well as many of the other forms of top/bottom play. As far as I can tell, it is independent of the forced chastity. You could argue that forced male chastity is a form of bondage. Strictly speaking that’s correct. Mrs. Lion and I have done top and bottom play for many years. The frequency of this play dropped off to almost nothing in the last six or seven years. So did most sexual activity, particularly for Mrs. Lion.

When I asked her to be my keyholder and she agreed, changes started happening. One of the first things I did after being locked up was to begin this blog. Mrs. Lion read it. More recently, she has become a regular contributor. It’s fair to say that the blog and my forced chastity began at about the same time. This combination has over the last few months, improved our communication, Mrs. Lion’s libido, my efforts to give her orgasm, and our interest in top/bottom play. It could be this blog; the fact that we are communicating through our writing. I am sure this is a valuable part of it. But I think that my cage is a bigger part. Both of us know that I am sexually dependent on Mrs. Lion. We both understand that she has to do something before I can even get an erection.

This knowledge motivates me to give her reasons to think about my sexual needs. These needs could range from wanting an orgasm to wanting to be forced to wait longer. Because her pleasure is also increasing, she has reason to consider resuming our top/bottom fun. I find it very hot to know that I have no control over my next boner or when I will be able to actually ejaculate. Wearing my electronic leash and knowing that even at a distance, Mrs. Lion can give me a forceful message under my balls. I also like the idea (as yet untested) that I will have to wait longer for an orgasm and perhaps will be made to wait even longer if naughty. As you might have guessed, a good part of the excitement of being a bottom for me is that I will be disciplined. I wrote about this in the past.

I can’t honestly say that we couldn’t do all the things that turn me on without my being caged. But I am sure that the fact I am locked up keeps our attention more focused on sexual fun. I know that for me it is impossible to forget that no matter what my mood, I can’t even get hard without Mrs. Lion letting me. That’s seriously sexy!

shock collar on balls
[top] From 500 feet away, a press of the yellow button sends anything from a gentle jolt to a painful shock to the receiver [Bottom] strapped  under my balls just behind the cage’s cock and ball ring. (Click image for information on this device)
(Sunday, May 18 2014) Sundays are lazy days around the lion’s den. We sleep late unless the dog decides she needs some early morning attention. It’s a good time for some introspection. Even though I have been caged since January, every so often I wonder about why this is something I want. This morning I had an Epiphany. It’s all about control. That may seem obvious. Well, it is. But I have been discovering that this need is deeper than I thought.

All this new introspection came after I started wearing the shock collar. The device isn’t particularly cruel or frightening, but its implications are profound to me. Here I am walking around wearing a device that someone else can use to instantly deliver a range of sensations invisibly and at a distance. I am only slightly aware that the contacts are pressing into my scrotum just behind the cock and ball ring for my cage (See lower photo on right). But when Mrs. Lion wants my attention or wants to correct me, I get anything from a gentle “buzz” to a jolt that will make me jump. If she presses the red, “+2” button, the jolt will make me jump. She can hold either button down for a few seconds to be sure I get the point.

The thing about this device that makes it particularly effective for me is that she can provide this sensation anytime and anyplace I am. I can be shopping hundreds of feet from her, or I can be sitting in a quiet restaurant, or even in the mens room and she can reach me. Other forms of control like bondage; or correction like spanking require privacy and some preparation. It takes time and work on her part to give me the desired stimulation. With this device she can correct me in an instant with only the tiny effort needed to press a button. That’s what makes its effect so profound.

Wearing the cage certainly sends me the strong message that I no longer have sexual control of my penis. It is something I wanted very badly. The shock collar takes things to an entirely new level. When I have it on I fee very vulnerable. I know that nothing will protect me from Mrs. Lion’s corrections. She can “page” me, and if I don’t return to her quickly enough she can send me powerful reminders that will continue until I am where she wants me. She can use this technique to irresistibly encourage me to do anything she wishes.

Think about that for a minute. While the cage prevents me from erections and orgasms, the collar bends me to her will at any time and for any reason. Using this simple device, she can condition me to do or not do anything she wants. Unlike classic top techniques, this device eliminates the need for any cooperation on my part. Yes, I can choose to resist her signal, but if I do, she can increase the intensity of the stimulation to the point where I don’t want to resist any longer. I want to do what she tells me. Because the stimulation is instant and has no lingering effects, I unconsciously associate the stimulation with the behavior she is correcting. I learn at the most primitive level to do what she wants.

The challenge for my top and keyholder is to decide how to use this absolute power and control. I’m not even sure what to suggest to her. Does she want me to stop touching myself and adjusting my balls? Would she like me to always open doors for her; wait for her to eat first; avoid saying certain words, always stand with my hands clasped behind my back? All of these things are excellent candidates for conditioning using the instant feedback of the shock collar. Delayed feedback like spanking are less likely to effect real change. Like other critters, lions (and people) do better if they associate corrections with the actions immediately. Just press the yellow or red button and the lion is corrected then and there.

We haven’t really done this  yet. I hope we do. The scientist in me is curious to see if the lion in me can be trained this way. When I strap the collar on, I get a little tingle that comes from my vulnerability. It’s there all the time under my clothes ready to remind me and correct me when I need it. Now that’s real control.

If you’ve experienced this or have comments or questions about this sort of training, please leave a comment or use Contact Us to share your feelings and experiences. This technology is affordable and safe. I think it offers a whole new world of opportunities in male control.

shock collar
(Top) When I shortened the collar the first time, I didn’t bring the male connector right up to the shock unit. This made it fit so loosely most of the shocks went unfelt. The actual shock is very low current and there has to be good contact for it to be felt at all.
(Bottom) The adjusted collar was still a bit loose. It tightened nicely by looping the strap over the cage lock. (click the image for purchase details)

(Sunday, May 4 2014) Last night lioness decided to take a rest from teasing me. It was a quiet evening at home. I used some of the time to fix some problems with my invisible leash. During the day when we were out and about, lioness tried to zap me a few times. All but one went unfelt. We experimented and found that no contact was being made much of the time. The strap that goes around my cock and balls was too loose. It turned out that I left too much slack on the left side (see photo). I shortened the strap until the connector was pressed against the box. That adjustment pulled the box more tightly under my balls and assured good contact. I still needed to push the strap in front of the cage lock to pull it tight (see photo). It was good to give my keyholder a reliable way to get my attention and correct me. The people who make this device may have had this use in mind. Their slogan is, “Helping the two of you see eye to eye.”

When I first heard about this collar I had very mixed feelings. I was visibly aroused when thinking about it and the control it would give my keyholder. I was also frightened that shocks would be too painful. Even before altering the strap, I quickly learned that this device could deliver sensations that ranged from barely perceptible to uncomfortable. At the low settings it provides lioness with the ability to get my attention with no real discomfort. At higher settings it is startling and uncomfortable.

Now that I have had a chance to experience the lower settings of this device, I can say that it is unique in the way it communicates with me. The remote control is small and fits easily in a pocket. It is effective over several hundred feet. That means when I get a shock it is totally unexpected. At all but the very lowest settings I visibly jump when I feel the little jolt. It isn’t the pain – it doesn’t hurt at low settings – it’s the surprise. At lunch yesterday, Mrs. Lion gave me a stealthy low-level shock. I jumped in my seat. It was a complete surprise. She started laughing and couldn’t stop for quite a while. I think she may have discovered a new source of amusement.

Unlike any other form of correction, the sensation that the collar produces doesn’t persist. I can feel a spanking for a long time after the swatting ends. Other corrections leave some lingering aftereffects. I like feeling a spanking the next day. It serves as a reminder to improve my behavior. On the other hand, the collar provides immediate correction with no aftereffects. That means that repeated corrections will feel “fresh” as though no others preceded it. Another benefit is that my keyholder has no preparation and expends no energy correcting me. This encourages repeated corrections for bad habits. Some keyholders don’t want their caged males doing the normal male practice of adjusting and otherwise touching their genitals. Without the collar, correcting this is too much trouble and can’t be done the instance he touches, especially in public. The collar changes all that. Correction is instant and unnoticeable to everyone but the caged male. Unlike punishment, the shocks condition the male not to do the corrected behavior. It is training at the most basic level; the male will respond to the corrections and unconsciously learn to change. Make the corrections consistently for a few days and he will probably never touch again.

Consistency is very important to me. There is comfort in being able to expect and understand consequences and rewards. It’s more trouble for the keyholder to deal with her male consistently. It means that regardless of circumstance, mood, or anything else, he will be corrected as you specify each and every time it is needed. I know that for me this consistency gives me a sense of acceptance and things seem more right with the world. Does this mean I crave being tame and trained? I am sure it doesn’t. It means that in the limited area of sex and other activities we agree fit, I love being trained and conditioned. Otherwise I am as aggressive and independent as ever. More about this tomorrow.