While I was rooting around, looking for something to torture Lion with, I happened upon an older pair of panties. They are bright red thongs with fringe across the back. Give him some shiny white boots that go up to his knees and he could be a go-go dancer. (Google it, kids. You’ll laugh.) Shimmy, shimmy, shimmy.

He wonders if I notice him in panties. He’s usually sitting at his desk or hunkered down under the covers. When he is walking around, he’s had a T-shirt on. This is allowed, but it tends to detract from panty viewing. If he didn’t have so much trouble walking (he has to make sure the dog and her toys are out of the way – no small feat sometimes), I’d suggest he hold his T-shirt up and strut his stuff as he passes my desk. Maybe, in the morning, he should give me a little show when he goes into his office. This morning he could have shimmied the fringe at me.

Last night, he did another shot of Edex. He had a theory that I wasn’t getting much cream filling because he wasn’t hard enough. He increased the dose this time. I can’t say for sure if it made him harder. I think there’s a natural fluctuation to his erections, even though there’s nothing natural about them. Pre-boner juice, he’d sometimes be very hard and other times not so much. I don’t know what caused it then, and I don’t know what causes it now. You’d think hard would be hard with the drug boosting morale. Anyway, he was a little harder, and I did get more cream filling. More experimentation is needed to see if there’s a correlation.

A package was delivered a little while ago. Lion said it was for me. He’d ordered it a while ago. Uh oh. More Zestra or something else to make me horny? Nope. A new paddle. Don’t we have enough? Yup, probably. But this one is different. On one side, it’s flat. On the other side, it’s got a bump. I likened it to a fist providing a punch with each swat. Weird. Maybe it will help with bruising. We’ll have to test it out sometime.


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