No, I’m not all better yet. I definitely feel better than I did at the beginning of the week, but still not quite there. I ate some Activia yesterday. Vile stuff. Today I’m trying acidophilus. I’ve had this, whatever it is, before but it never lasted this long. Maybe I’m old and this is just one more system that is letting me know I can’t eat or drink whatever I want to anymore. Of course, I have no idea what I might have eaten or drunk to cause this, but that’s part of the fun of life.

Lion ordered some lube. I think it may be the same as the lube we already have that’s lost in a box somewhere. Naturally, that’s the way it works. You can’t find something, so you order another, and inevitably, the original shows up again. It’s magic. Anyway, we’ll have to take this lube for a test run. Will he get an orgasm out of the deal? I don’t know. Maybe I’ll just tease him. Maybe I’ll go further. He won’t be getting a blow job if he’s slathered with lube, but handjobs are working again, so we shall see. I think I’m feeling well enough to jerk him off.

lion  being spanked on bare bottom

I have to get back to unpacking. We have a habit of ordering things that have no homes, and they just sit around. My once-clean table is covered with stuff again. Lion usually blames clutter on me, but on more than one occasion, I have taken my clutter off the table, and it’s still more than half full of his clutter. With a three-day weekend, I intend to make the house more presentable. I know I won’t get through all the boxes, but things are just tossed around. If I organize the mess, it will look better.

And, of course, an extra day off means more time for Lion fun. If that fun involves spanking, I’m not sure how much fun he’ll have, but he can reminisce about his spanking after the pain dies down a bit. He’s wired like that. (I just noticed that “wired” and “weird” have the same letters. Coincidence? He’s weird like that, too.)

Lion says it’s not necessary for him to want to play for us to play. This seems strange to me. It’s one thing to know we probably won’t get to the edge in the first few days after orgasm. I can see that playing with him then sort of primes the pump, so to speak. But if he has no interest in playing, why would I do it? I mean, why waste our time? Will he enjoy himself at all if he doesn’t want to play?

Think about it this way. If there’s a party you’ve been looking forward to and you really want to go, chances are you’ll have a good time. This is similar to being horny and wanting to play. Obviously, your play may not end with an orgasm but you can still have fun. If it’s a party that you’ve sort of been looking forward to and you really want to go, you may or may not have a good time. This is similar to being horny but maybe not ready for edging. If it’s a party you know you need to go to but you’re really not looking forward to it, you probably won’t have a good time. This is similar to not being horny and not wanting to play. Maybe you have to go to the party. Maybe it’s the in-laws’ anniversary party and you really don’t like your in-laws. But Lion doesn’t have to go to the party. Why should I make him?

[Lion — It’s not the same thing. The thing about BDSM play is that it doesn’t need to be something you do when the bottom is horny. It’s just something to do. I think of it as no different than the punishment spanking. When I do something wrong, Mrs. Lion doesn’t care if I’m in the mood for spanking or not. I’ve earned it, so I get it. This is kind of the same thing. It’s not like having sex or even being jerked off. In fact, where I come from in the East, at play parties sex is never permitted. It’s true that it’s a lot more fun if I’m really turned on, chances are pretty good I will get really turned on well things are in progress. It’s the old “initiating” issue.]

Anyway, I decided to do it even if Lion didn’t want to. He was snoozing around 2. The other day I mentioned setting an alarm for 3 to play then. So I tried to stick to it, but then Lion woke up and went into his office. I guess it was about 3:45, he went back into the bedroom and said he was watching “House” if I wanted to join him. I snuggled in under the covers with him and started playing with my weenie. He liked it although he wasn’t getting hard. And then…I fell asleep. We haven’t been sleeping all that well. Lion was snoozing earlier. I guess I followed suit. I was awake for a little bit, still snuggling. And I fell asleep again. Out cold. So much for playing earlier in the day. It was already time to make dinner so I went off to do so. By the time I got done with the dishes, it was after 8. Lion said he thought we were going to play earlier in the day. Yup. So did I before my unscheduled naps.

In my defense, I had a plan for our early play. I was going to shove a butt plug in and do some Lion milking. There was no reason we couldn’t do that after 8 so I went on with the plan. However, there was a reason we couldn’t do it. I forgot Lion’s shoulder has been hurting. So the milking was a bust, but I then decided to take out the coconut oil and try our luck with that.

My weenie loves coconut oil. He was hard almost the instant it touched him. I still don’t know why coconut oil is preferable to other lubes, but who cares. It’s slippery and makes the same sloppy slurping sounds as other lube. And Lion was hard. I’m not sure how long we were at it, but eventually he said he wasn’t going to get anywhere. I wiped him off and he went to clean up. I forgot he had the butt plug in. That may be part of the reason he didn’t get anywhere. Since he was washing off, I removed the butt plug so he could get himself clean there too.

Even though it was an unsuccessful edging session, I don’t consider it completely unsuccessful. Lion had fun. I had fun massaging him with coconut oil. I don’t think it would have been as much fun if he hadn’t wanted to play. [Lion — Only one way to find out :)]

Yesterday I moved things around in the bedroom and found a home for our portable air conditioner. Since the hoses go through the window, we’re not able to use our blinds. I put up curtains and we’re looking forward to air-conditioned comfort in the heat of the summer.

We had a grocery delivery and my friend did a Costco run so she dropped off some things too. We sat in the front yard and chatted for a while. It was beautiful outside. Sitting in the sun made me glad I’d just wrestled with the air conditioner and curtain.

For years I ran up and down ladders at work. My body hated me for it. Now, every time I step on a ladder, my body reminds me it doesn’t want to do that anymore. I was sore and tired from only three times up the ladder. I still had to make the bed and Lion asked if I was up for using the coconut oil. Luckily, I figured I had enough energy to play.

I couldn’t figure out why the coconut oil was still liquid when it was sitting on my dresser. The day before yesterday, when Lion was too tired to play, I moved it over to my nightstand. When I picked it up yesterday, it was solid. Apparently, the heat from the TV components near my dresser generate enough heat to melt it. Good to know! However, this time I’d have to nuke it. Thirty seconds is all it takes, generally, to get the coconut oil flowing. Lion doesn’t normally like lube, but he loves coconut oil. I’m not really sure what the difference is. To me, it feels the same. I think I have to reapply just as often as with other lube. It’s slippery. Duh. That’s the point. And I don’t really smell any coconut when we use it. [Lion — I do]

Whatever the case, Lion likes it and that’s all that matters. I slathered it all over his cock and balls and went to work. It’s only been a few days since his orgasm, so I wasn’t sure what kind of result I would get. We both seemed to get sleep the night before so I was hopeful. And Lion did not disappoint. He was hard and slippery and enjoying himself. I thought we’d make it to the edge but eventually, he told me he didn’t think he’d make it any further. He said it felt very good though. I kept stroking him for a bit afterward. Even if we’re not going for gold, I can still make him feel good.

I haven’t decided what we’ll do today but I’m sure we’ll come up with something. If Lion has time, I’ll try cutting his hair. Maybe it’s a good thing he won’t be going out anytime soon. Let’s see how I do. Maybe I’ll have a new career in haircutting.

I had a bunch of things to do yesterday and it always seems to snowball. However, I made the decision to play with Lion before I took my shower and finished the laundry. It was still about 8, but it was earlier than we have been playing.

Before we moved, we had coconut oil. I’m sure we had lots of it. Lion is convinced it feels better than other lube. I don’t think so, but we haven’t really used it all that much. Lion ordered more and it was delivered over the weekend. I transferred some to a smaller squeeze bottle and I heated it for a few seconds before we played.

There were two ideas in play: could Lion get a harder erection and would the coconut oil help? Of course, testing two things at once is not the best practice. If he got harder, is it only because of the coconut oil? Might he have gotten harder without the oil? If he didn’t get harder, does that mean the coconut oil doesn’t work? Obviously we’ll never know.

I figured I shouldn’t try to get him hard before I used the coconut oil. Either it was going to work or it wasn’t. (See above) He was hard in no time. It still took just as long to get him all fired up, but he was harder than last time. I decided I wasn’t going to let him come. It had only been a few days and I thought he should wait. I wasn’t even sure he’d be ready for one.

Once I got him to the edge, after reapplying coconut oil a few times, he started bucking into my hand. For some reason, that made me decide he should have an orgasm. If he could get himself there, he deserved it. He could, and he did. He was surprised I let him. It’s understandable. We were both on the same page about making him wait. Until I did an about face. I won’t say I’ll always let him come when he bucks. I haven’t in the past. I’ve only done it a few times when I think he’s working hard enough to deserve it.

Was the coconut oil the cure? I doubt it. Lion said he was inexplicably horny yesterday morning. We also played earlier in the evening. I’m sure all that combined to make the horny boy into a bucking bronco.