I had a bunch of things to do yesterday and it always seems to snowball. However, I made the decision to play with Lion before I took my shower and finished the laundry. It was still about 8, but it was earlier than we have been playing.

Before we moved, we had coconut oil. I’m sure we had lots of it. Lion is convinced it feels better than other lube. I don’t think so, but we haven’t really used it all that much. Lion ordered more and it was delivered over the weekend. I transferred some to a smaller squeeze bottle and I heated it for a few seconds before we played.

There were two ideas in play: could Lion get a harder erection and would the coconut oil help? Of course, testing two things at once is not the best practice. If he got harder, is it only because of the coconut oil? Might he have gotten harder without the oil? If he didn’t get harder, does that mean the coconut oil doesn’t work? Obviously we’ll never know.

I figured I shouldn’t try to get him hard before I used the coconut oil. Either it was going to work or it wasn’t. (See above) He was hard in no time. It still took just as long to get him all fired up, but he was harder than last time. I decided I wasn’t going to let him come. It had only been a few days and I thought he should wait. I wasn’t even sure he’d be ready for one.

Once I got him to the edge, after reapplying coconut oil a few times, he started bucking into my hand. For some reason, that made me decide he should have an orgasm. If he could get himself there, he deserved it. He could, and he did. He was surprised I let him. It’s understandable. We were both on the same page about making him wait. Until I did an about face. I won’t say I’ll always let him come when he bucks. I haven’t in the past. I’ve only done it a few times when I think he’s working hard enough to deserve it.

Was the coconut oil the cure? I doubt it. Lion said he was inexplicably horny yesterday morning. We also played earlier in the evening. I’m sure all that combined to make the horny boy into a bucking bronco.

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  1. I am sure that it did not hurt to have play time a little earlier. It’s to the point for me that after 10 pm is not likely to work.

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