Over the last seven years I’ve talked about pretty much everything relating to our particular sexual interests. Mrs. Lion and I have both shared our adventures in male chastity, spanking, and female-led relationships. Most of the search engine arrivals on our site go to the informational pages that are referenced at the top of the page. This part, the blog, appears to have a fairly steady readership. It occurs to me that blogging would be a lot more interesting to me and perhaps to you if we broadened our coverage to our lives in general. At least that’s what I want to do.

I finally got around to baking bread. Julia Child did a program (season nine, episode 12) about making sandwich bread. It’s French white bread. I decided to try this recipe. I have baked bread before and I especially like creating artisan bread feature in the book Baking with Julia. In this book Julia Child cooks with famous bakers creating all sorts of goodies. PBS did a series that this book accompanies. Over a decade ago when I was out of work, I watch this series end-to-end and baked many of the items. I purchased a 6 quart KitchenAid mixer to do this.

One recipe that is really amazing is her sticky buns. This recipe calls for brioche dough. Whenever I attempted to make this, which is one of the heaviest and most difficult to produce, my heavy-duty KitchenAid would throw a gear. I would have to take it apart and reengage the gear inside. It was a royal pain. So, when I decided I wanted to start baking again, this was before Christmas, I ordered the 7-quart professional mixer. This one has an extremely heavy-duty motor. Shortly after receiving it, I did a batch of French bread. The mixer kept stalling while kneading the dough. I returned it for replacement.

It took KitchenAid almost 3 months to send me the replacement. Apparently they don’t make too many of these and my color (red) was out of stock. By the time the replacement came my enthusiasm for breadmaking had diminished. Saturday it returned. I watched the episode of “The French Chef” three or four times and then set out to bake. Mrs. Lion helped me set up the mixer and find ingredients. It went very smoothly. This dough consists of flour, milk, yeast, salt, and butter. I followed the directions and all appeared to go well. This dough has three rises. The first two take place in clean bowls and the last in the pan in which the bread is baked.

The first two rises were perfect. By the time we got to the third, it was after 8 PM. This one was very un-energetic. After over two hours it still hadn’t risen as far as it needed to go. We decided to bake it anyway. When it was finished, it didn’t have the beautiful square shape of Julia’s loaf. We set it out to cool. Mrs. Lion cut off a few slices and toasted them for our Sunday breakfast. I thought it was delicious. French bread has more body than most Americans are used to. It is a soft bread, but quite firm. I consider the baking a success even though it didn’t look perfect. I will try again soon.

Through all this, Mrs. Lion was a big help. Given my poor vision and relatively unsteady gait, she got most of the ingredients out for me and put them away when I was done with them. She’s not as fond of this new bread as I am. She likes the very soft American commercial white bread. Oh well.

Mrs. Lion mowed the lawn on Saturday. By the time she got back in the house she was tired and achy. Clearly she was in no mood for anything sexual. I was feeling a little horny but not enough to make it worth asking her. I’m sure Sunday night will be more exciting.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while I’m sure you’ve noticed that I tend to publish penis pictures. I’m pretty sure that most of our readers don’t find them particularly entertaining. I think I do it because it’s kind of vulnerable to me to expose myself this way. I’ve decided that it’s a better idea for me to not put the cock shots here unless they are absolutely necessary to what I’m writing. On the other hand, I suppose it wouldn’t hurt anyone if I provided a link now and then like this one,  so that anyone who cares to can see. I could use some feedback on this subject. Please let me know how you feel.

I’ve been working from home for over a year now. Before I was put on furlough, I generally wore a T-shirt during the day so that I could participate in video conferences. Now that I am out of work and no more videoconferencing, I’ve been completely naked for the last two or three months. I don’t think I would be comfortable if I had to be dressed at home. Of course, it is not my choice.

Steak dinner
This is one of the steaks I cooked for dinner last night. Using a modernist technique, the meat is perfectly cooked with no well done or too-rare areas.

As I’m sure you know, Mrs. Lion and I do a lot more than enforced chastity and FLR. We have our everyday lives that we enjoy as well. One of the things I particularly like to do is to cook. I also love new things and adventures. Until a few weeks ago I confined my cooking to very traditional methods. In fact, I wasn’t aware that there was anything newer than the microwave oven. It turns out that in 1966 a completely new way of cooking was developed by modernist chefs. These people represented a small minority of professional chefs who experimented with completely new ways to prepare food. They used laboratory equipment, liquid nitrogen, and other exotica to add a modern twist to food.

Anyway, in 1966 a chef in France obtained a laboratory water bath. This is a device that circulated water kept at a precise temperature; accurate to a fraction of a degree. He used this to cook food, first sealed in a vacuum bag at the exact temperature he wanted the food to reach when it was done. He called this process sous-vide. This method completely changes the way food it prepared. It is the only way to cook a steak the same color top to bottom, end to end.

A few weeks ago Amazon had a daily bargain featuring a sous-vide circulating immersion heater. I looked up some information on sous-vide at chefsteps.com. The steak recipe fascinated me. So, I ordered the device. The way you use it defies common sense. We got some prime New York strip steaks (impossible to buy anywhere but Costco). Following the scary directions, I placed the meat in Foodsaver bags along with some butter. I then vacuum-sealed the bags with the steak. The sous-vide circulating immersion heater was set to 135 deg. F. This creates the nice medium rare steak in the picture above. I put the bags into a container (12 qt food storage container) filled with water being maintained at exactly 135 deg. Here’s the very weird part. We left the steaks in the sous-vide bath for almost two hours. I kept looking at the $30 worth of steak sitting in that water bath wondering if I lost my mind.

When the two hours had passed, I put the grey-looking steaks on the barbecue grill for 90 seconds a side. That’s it. The result is in the picture. The  steak was better than any I have had in a restaurant, including Broadway Joe’s in Manhattan and Peter Luger’s in Brooklyn. Those are two of the best steakhouses on earth. I’m proud of myself for venturing into the weird world of modernist cooking. We were rewarded with a spectacular dinner at home.

This form of cooking is fairly new in the U.S. Well, not new in many Michelin starred restaurants. They have been using this technique for decades. It’s only in the last few years that affordable home units became available. We did pork chops too and they were good, but I need to tweak the cooking temperature a bit. Sous-vide is supposed to do fish better than any other method of preparation. We will try it on some nice Alaskan salmon soon.

So why are you seeing this in the Male Chastity Journal? Because it is a cool discovery I am proud to share. Also, if you are here for more than just sexual information, you might be happy to find out about sous-vide and another dimension of my life. If not, C’est la guerre.

I realize that for the last couple of days our blog has been more culinary than chastity/FLR. We wanted to share more of our lives above the waist. However, even barbecue has a twist here. I’m not permitted clothes at home, so I brave the chilly (40’s) air to work on our brisket (rare view of lion without his cage at the smoker image). The cook lasted more than 15 hours. We let it rest for about four hours, keeping it warm in a cooler (they keep things warm as well as they keep things colde). It was really good! I was worried that I had wasted that expensive cut of meat. To our surprise, the brisket didn’t shrink much at all. We have a lot of meat now! I guess we will be having brisket for dinner for a while. Yum!

It’s been very nice without my chastity device. I can safely pee standing up and my penis is free to expand a bit. All penises have several flaccid lengths. My cage (only 1 1/4″ long) restricts any expansion beyond a slightly compressed smallest measured length. This was intentional. There’s no physical problem with keeping the penis compressed a bit. There is a big advantage: the head is always in firm contact with the front of the cage. That keeps the urethra aligned with the opening in the front. Peeing, even sitting down, can be a ball shower if the urethra is not properly aligned. The barbecue image shows me at a typical flaccid length. It measures about 2 1/2″ (measured underside of penis from scrotum to tip. This is the measurement Mature Metal uses to make cages) long. It easily fits into my 1 1/4″ cage. I like how it looks in the image better than in the cage. If you are trying to determine the best chastity device size for you, consider my fitting. I based my original cage on my smallest measurement, which was 2″. Most of the time, the head of my penis was about 1/2″ behind the end of the cage. The cage was 1 3/4″ long. I had the cage shortened by 1/2″. The result is a perfect fit. Shorter is truly better.

Enforced chastity can be counter intuitive. A lot of guys want cages that will hold their erections. I’m not sure why, but I’ve seen too many forum discussions where many people think this is what they need. Once and for all: Chastity devices are designed to prevent erections, not accommodate them! My Jail Bird does an excellent job of assuring I can’t get hard.

When I took the barbecue selfie, I couldn’t help but admire my stubble-free pubes. I genuinely like not having any pubic hair. It looks cleaner to me. I’m narcissistic enough to admit that seeing that picture is a bit of a turn on for me. I guess it is a good thing that I like how I look down there. Seeing myself caged isn’t so much of a turn on. But then, I’m not caged to be more visually appealing. The chastity device has a more practical value.

In a picture like the barbecue shot, do you think I am identifiable to people who have seen me naked before? I wonder how easy it is to differentiate between male genitalia? My guess is that within limits, we look pretty much the same. If so, why do I find that picture of me so pleasing? Do you find that pictures of your genitals are arousing to you? Let me know.

I’m sure you’re tired of hearing about Lion’s culinary skills by now. You’re not here to learn about cooking. But it’s part of who he is so we’ve included some posts about it. I think the best part of his new toy is that it gives him something to sink his teeth into – both literally and figuratively. It gets his mind off of not working. However, while he’s distracted by cooking, he is less interested in sex.

Last night was play night. He wasn’t much in the mood. His mind was elsewhere. We had just eaten some very yummy ribs and he was awaiting the time to start his brisket. Mr. Weenie just would not cooperate when I tried to get him hard. Oh well. I’d rather have him be less than interested in sex because he’s lusting after a giant piece of meat (beef that is) than because he’s depressed about being out of work. At least he’s happy with the food. And, worst case, I can slather myself with barbecue sauce to turn him on.

Lion has been wild since last night. He had a sore spot and I thought it was the perfect time to clean the cage in jewelry cleaner. The security screw we use instead of a lock,  has been getting stuck on the way out the past couple times. I knew there was gunk in the threads so I tossed it in the solution. A little soak and some scrubbing and it looks good as new. Lion does clean the cage from time to time, but for some reason the threads are just stubborn. I don’t really know why it would get stuck on the way out. It wasn’t a torquing issue. I tried wiggling it. I had to put it back in a little way before it would come all the way out. We’ll see if the cleaning helped. Lion says the sore spot is all better so later today he will be locked up again.

A few weeks ago I punished Lion for spilling water all over the kitchen counter. I thought it happened when he filled the coffee maker. He’s been doing much better since then. However, Friday there was another flood. The problem is that after he filled the coffee maker, the counter was dry. Then, hours later, there was water all over the counter again. He protested that he shouldn’t be punished. I had seen the dry counter. It wasn’t his fault. Gremlins were out to get him. (Okay, I added the gremlins part, but he was clearly trying to get out of a punishment.) And I have to agree. I did see the dry counter. And even after we cleaned it up, a little while later there was more water. We’ll have to investigate further. He won’t be punished for the mess. And then yesterday, while eating lunch, he dropped food on the table. Oops! He will be punished for that. When I mentioned his coupon good for eliminating one punishment from his list he said he might use it. I told him I’d just have to find something else to punish him for. Poor boy. Sometimes he just can’t win.