lion's spanked butt
You can’t see his haircut, but here’s his spanked butt. (Click image to enlarge)

Lion wanted a haircut. He also wanted to be spanked and given an orgasm. I cut his hair just after work so he could take a shower and get all the little bits of hair washed off. He’s been itchy enough lately. We didn’t need hair to make it worse.

When he came out of the shower, I had the spanking bench all ready for him. A freshly showered tushy seems more sensitive. Of course, he offered to forego the spanking if it was too much trouble for me. Ha! He’d been whining about being spanked for days. He wasn’t getting out of it.

When I moved stuff out of the bedroom the other day, I consolidated the paddles. There are four leather ones, three wooden ones, and a lucite one with holes in it. I don’t know if the holes are to cut down on wind resistance or if they make the paddle hurt more. Either way, I know that one hurts.

I don’t remember what order I used them in, but I know I alternated between all three kinds. He was yelping right from the start. He kept telling me it was too much. If that were true, he would have used his safe word. He did not. I may have eased up for a minute, but then I went right along my merry way.

To my surprise, he didn’t bleed. Usually, the second (it seems) a wood paddle hits him, he bleeds. Maybe I was alternating enough that I fooled his skin. By the time I was done, a few seconds short of ten minutes, he was rosy with leathery patches and what looked like the beginning of a bruise. There was also one spot threatening to bleed.

To his surprise, I put a piece of coconut husk doormat on the bed for him to sit on. I haven’t done that in a very long time. I’d considered making him sit in the corner on the punishment stool, but when I found the doormat, I thought that would be better. Well, not really better for him. He agreed the stool would have been easier to handle. Sweet! [Lion — No, the stool is much worse. It’s hard and forces all my weight on the rough surface.]

By the time I got around to offering an orgasm, he didn’t want one. Was it too late? Was he sulking from being spanked? I don’t know. He wanted to snuggle, so that’s what we did. His orgasm can wait till tonight.

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