May is masturbation month. According to the narrow definition, masturbation is the practice of sexually stimulating oneself usually to orgasm. Some, more narrow definitions insist it is limited to stimulation by hand. However, the broader definition allowing the use of toys is more generally accepted. The last time I masturbated was by hand nearly 7 years ago. Since then, my orgasms have all been produced by Mrs. Lion. More than 99% by her hand and mouth.

This is my technique. I demonstrated this to Mrs. Lion the last time I was allowed to jerk off.

I’m not complaining. I always preferred her hand to mine. Recently, I’ve gotten a little tired of her hand. At least that’s what I think is happening. For the last month or so my orgasms have been via oral sex. Mrs. Lion is amazingly good at that. If I were able to give myself oral sex, would that be considered masturbation? When Mrs. Lion uses her hand on me, I guess there is no other name for this other than “handjob”. I have always thought of it as her masturbating me. This is because she uses the exact same technique I would use on myself if I were allowed to do this. However, I’ve just learned that’s an improper use of the word.

This is Mrs. Lion giving me a handjob with no lube.

I have always been curious about how women learn to jerk off a man. I asked Mrs. Lion a few times. Her answers have always been rather vague. Apparently, she learned by doing. Many women give handjobs using lubrication. That way, all they have to do is grab the hard penis and move their hand up and down. It feels good and there is no risk of doing something he might not like. Mrs. Lion has always used a dry hand. That means she has to grab at the right spot and hold on tight enough to move the skin up and down without letting her hand slip over the head. In a dry handjob, it is pretty uncomfortable if the hand slips over the head. It’s a little like sandpaper.

Every so often she does use lube. We’ve discovered; well, I’ve discovered that they don’t all feel alike. Almost all modern lubes whether water-based, oil-based, or silicone are very slippery. I find them less than thrilling because I like feeling my penis skin being moved at least a little. It turns out that coconut oil, aside from being edible and sweet-smelling, is not as slippery as the other stuff. I love the way that feels when Mrs. Lion uses it. We’ve been trying various lubes for years. I’m going to write a post about what we’ve learned about specific products in the future.

Learning to masturbate a woman was not intuitive for me. Early on when I was discovering sex with the woman who was also totally inexperienced, we experimented and I figured out how to use my hand or tongue to provide the most pleasure. She had a hymen that was so tough I couldn’t penetrate her. So, we did oral sex exclusively. We both got very good at it.

In the days when I could masturbate, I never used lube. It just didn’t feel right. When we decided to start male chastity, Mrs. Lion told me to masturbate while she watched. She wanted to see how I did it. She’s used my technique as the basis for her handjobs. I’m very curious about how other women discovered how to manually get their men off. Please comment and let us know.

Needless to say, we won’t be celebrating masturbation month. That’s not on our holiday calendar.