My Normal

In yesterday’s post, Lion had a survey he did about handjobs. We were both surprised that many women don’t want to give men handjobs. Weird. Although I don’t imagine too many mothers give the options of oral sex and handjobs as alternatives to intercourse, it would seem to be a reasonable thing to do. It would protect girls’ virgin status and eliminate unintended pregnancies. Yes, I am aware that most mothers are going for abstinence rather than workarounds. But think of the pressure alleviated by handjobs and oral sex. Pun intended.

As soon as I read Lion’s post, I told him it was good and added that I like giving him handjobs, whether for teasing or orgasm. He said he appreciates it. Further, I like giving him oral sex for teasing or orgasm. And, yes, I do swallow. Yum!

I wonder what the aversion to handjobs is. Are those women not turned on by a hard penis? If it’s true that the respondents are women who follow Lion on Twitter, I’m even more perplexed. It’s true that some women are only slightly involved in the day-to-day workings of male chastity with their mate. The man may be responsible for locking and unlocking. He may masturbate under her supervision. If he springs to life when he’s released from the cage, she could just mount him and ride to her heart’s content. There would be no need for her to touch it at all.

It occurs to me that I may be thinking about this as normal versus abnormal. In my mind, it’s normal to give a man a handjob and oral sex. However, who’s to say I’m normal. I’m very rarely accused of being normal. Some women find it perfectly normal to have sex with multiple men, whether at the same time or not. That’s not my normal to each his or her own.


  1. My Queen likes to give me hand jobs and blow jobs. However she will almost always stop before the point of no return. She professes to like the taste, but doesn’t want me orgasming too frequently! lol

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