Do You Masturbate?

woman masturbating

We were supposed to try for an orgasm again on Monday night. Instead, we watched our Giants win over the Packers. It was an interesting game with another NFL cliffhanger ending. Mrs. Lion keeps writing about spanking me but doesn’t seem in the mood to swat me. Her shoulders have been hurting, which has something to do with the delay. Yes, I know I’m going to regret reminding her here.

I’m going to be testing a new custom male chastity device. It’s the Mature Metal Micro Watchful Mistress male chastity device. It’s a tiny 1/2-inch-long cage with a flat front. What makes this one particularly interesting is that it includes a waist chain that prevents pull-out. One issue with very short cages is that they can be easy to escape. The waist chain holds it firmly against the body and prevents that temptation. William, who makes these devices, says that the chain gives him a sense of security and is comfortable to wear.

I’m a strong advocate of comfort over security when it comes to wearing a male chastity device. If you can’t work, play, and sleep while wearing one, you probably won’t be wearing it for long. As I’ve discovered, the real benefit of enforced male chastity comes after long-term wear. I’ve been successfully trained not to masturbate. It’s been a decade (as of today) since the last time I jerked off. The change was facilitated by full-time male chastity device wear.

When Mrs. Lion learned that I masturbated, she was unhappy. She never imagined I did it. For my part, I thought she knew. Her first rule was that I couldn’t masturbate. Since I was immediately locked into a male chastity device, and it only came off in her presence, masturbation was impossible. After about three years of full-time lockup, I was cured. Do I get a ten-year chip for keeping my hands off? [Mrs. Lion — For the record, I guess I wasn’t unaware that he did it. Maybe it was more the frequency that surprised me.]

I’ve wondered if Mrs. Lion was unique in not being aware that men jerked off, even after they married. I’ve also wondered how many women care if men do it. My ex-wife encourged me to jerk off when she wasn’t in the mood for sex. Sometimes she would tickle my balls while I did it.

I never gave any thought to whether or not any of my partners masturbated. I don’t think any did. It seems to be more of a male activity. I’d love to hear from our female readers about their opinions on this subject. Leave a comment or a Contact Us. Thanks!


  1. Without a doubt, having a great will is essential to get out of the habit of masturbation and give up that immediate pleasure that doing it gives you like any other vice. It certainly helps a lot if your wife cooperates with you and you keep your hands away from your cock when using a male chastity device. Other factors such as age certainly influence… I don’t think that at 20, 30, 40 to 50 and a few years old I would have been able to remain without masturbating without Male Chastity. But now, at almost 60 years old, I am no longer that man who needed to cum daily and sometimes even several times a day regardless of fucking my partner an oar of times a week. About 5 years ago I confronted my wife with my cock locked in a plastic cage and I explained to her that it was to prevent my habit of chronic masturbation. Fortunately my wife humored me and now I use it intermittently but I can go months without masturbating and wait for her to decide when and how she will be my next ejaculation. I would have liked to delve deeper into Female Domination but she is not up for that work, I hope that perhaps over time she will change and get greater involvement on her part and that that fantasy becomes a reality.

  2. As a male, in my single days, yes. Was not one to have to have sex all the time dating. Best to get to know the person.
    The woman I married, caught me masturbating, did not know she was coming over, I had taken a shower and was sitting on the toilet stroking away, she just appeared. Don’t stop she said, and finally I cummed. Clean up young man, and what came next was out of the blue. She gave me a choice, end the relationship or do as she saids. I picked do as she saids. I was given a sound bare bottom spanking, and told never again, or it will be worse. Jack

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