I’m Getting Spanked, For Sure This Time, New Chastity Device Review Coming Soon

I was too cold after my shower on Monday to ride the spanking bench. I’m grateful that Mrs. Lion didn’t force me to lie shivering in place for my punishment. I suggested that spanking me before I shower would help me avoid freezing. It isn’t very cold in the house. I’m finding it difficult to feel warm this winter.

I’ll review the Mature Metal waist chain and a micro (1/2 inch) cage. I’ll also be trying it with my trusty Jail Bird. It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a male chastity device. It seems that the industry isn’t coming up with new ideas in penis bondage. That’s not a bad thing. Male chastity devices have been evolving since the 1990s.

If you’re wondering why that decade is so significant in male chastity, you need to consider the development of online communication. The 90’s was when newsgroups began. Newsgroups were forums hosted by universities and other non-profit institutions. Before the Internet, you had to dial in to a service to access it. Networks were evolving that allowed a local call to reach a national service.

Anyway, during this formative period, people used the medium for communication about sex. The famous alt.sex.spanking was a very hot group to join. Others began talkng about male chastity. There were lots of homemade devices being created. The objective was not only to prevent masturbation, but also to be escape proof.  Chastity belts were popular-if-expensive devices.

In the late 90’s along with the Internet, came the introduction of the CB2000, the first over-the-counter male chastity device. The original ones were handmade from acrylic rods and tubing . I have one. Later, they were injection molded. The Internet made it possible to learn about these small companies who made male chastity devices. Lots of guys made some extra money creating them. I tried and reviewed more than I care to count.

In the last decade, male chastity devices have evolved. Comfort trumps security. Better designs and new manufacturing techniques helped designers create better devices. If you look back through our archives, you can see some of that evolution. To my mind, the most significant change has been the realization that short cages work better for most men. The short cages assure that the urethra is always centered in the opening that allows spray-free urination.

Some men have a problem with attempted erections pushing their cages away from their bodies and causing the base ring to painfully squeeze their balls. The waist chain prevents this painful problem. It holds the base ring firmly against the body. This also prevents “pull out.” It significantly improves security. The very short cages can be a little too easy to escape. The waist chains need to be tight and can be a little uncomfortable.

I guess there are only so many ways to build a penis container. Most have been created. I’m always open to discovering new devices when they come out. There just haven’t been any in quite a while.


  1. The only “cage” that I found comfortable and secure was a Chinese made Stainless Steel one that required a PA. I had a PA done years ago so there was no problem in fitting it to my cock. It is a bit heavy and you should wear jockey underwear or a G string with a supporting pouch. It is also very easy to keep clean. However, you need to sit to pee although using a urinal works.

    1. Author

      It’s good you have a cage you like. You might like a Jail Bird even better. It’s light and very comfortable.

    2. Author

      We’ve known all that for over 10 years. Thanks anyway.

  2. I truly love and agree with your posts on what a FLR or home should be!
    Not a fantasy but a Relationship a Marriage of wanting to improve and be the Husband she cherishes!
    A spanking or punishment is meant for improvement and to bring togetherness!
    Miss Lions few ground rules are yours to show her you’re committed to harmony, love and respect!
    Not “I want and you need”
    “Thank you”

  3. I always wanted what you and your Mrs’s have
    Just like you have it!
    I married a Sweet Lady 31 years ago but the cemetery was never right!
    She allows me to see Pro and one other for what amounts to once or twice a year spankings!
    She encourages me to go and has met them!
    Thank you for your blog it is truly real!

    1. LOL “Chemistry”

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