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Since January 1, 2016, I’ve had 374 orgasms. I started keeping track when Mrs. Lion forgot how long I had been locked in my male chastity device. I began a spreadsheet detailing each ejaculation. Geeky, right? Anyway, that’s about 425 weeks. about 2,950 days. That means Mrs. Lion has given me an orgasm about once every eight days. She never bothers herself about how long it’s been between orgasms. Nevertheless, her average is about right for a man in a male chastity relationship. Pretty much all of the women who write about male chastity say that an orgasm every seven to ten days is enough for a man. More frequent orgasms are considered excessive.

I started thinking about this when I entered last night’s orgasm into my spreadsheet. We used our dice to determine what we would do. We also solved the problem of which die was for BDSM and which was for sex very simply. Mrs. Lion rolled the BDSM die, and I rolled the sex die. Problem solved. Mrs. Lion rolled tied balls. I rolled blow job. That’s what we did and it was big fun.

There was an unplanned twist. In addition to the sex, we decided to go to a new Chinese restaurant for dinner. Mrs. Lion assumed the Edex shot would wear off soon after my orgasm. It doesn’t. I maintain a 75 percent erection for at least an hour after the shot. That meant I had a boner when we went out to dinner. It didn’t fully subside until an hour after we got home. It was an odd feeling. I was reminded of my teenage years when unwelcome boners haunted me. It wasn’t a big problem, just a feeling I hadn’t experienced in many years.

Speaking of orgasms, I think that sometimes male chastity can push people apart. Giving and receiving orgasms are primal bonding activities for primates. Sex is much more than reproductive for humans. It’s a kind of social glue that keeps us bonded to our mates. That doesn’t mean relationships fail when sex disappears. We are far too complex for any single factor to destroy that bond. It does mean that sex is a positive force to reinforce love.

Male chastity is a power game that resonates strongly with some men. It does in me. I don’t know why, but it does. Surrendering control of my orgasms is both an act of trust and a very exciting gamble. The problem is that there is a chance that the game will extinguish the bonding that orgasms provide. For a long time, I believed that the power exchange and the excitement of being kept aroused without relief would replace the orgasms I wasn’t getting. I was wrong.

Male chastity, like any other game, needs rules. I realize that there are guys who do better by going extended amounts of time without orgasms. They and their partners have found other ways to replace his orgasms. Some women are happy with receiving orgasms without their partner having them, too. Many are not. I’m not trying to dictate how anyone should play the male chastity game. I am saying, as someone who has successfully played for over a decade, that receiving orgasms on a regular basis, combined with Mrs. Lion’s control of exactly when I get them, has proven to provide a stable base for our sexual kink.

While I average an orgasm every eight days, I don’t get them that regularly. There have been times when I’ve waited 28 days and others when I had an orgasm every other day. However, most of my orgasms come about a week to ten days apart. That’s long enough to make me horny and very anxious to ejaculate but short enough to allow orgasms to help glue us together. The average wait might be very different for you, but that’s what works for us.

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