Decisions, decisions! Sunday night, Mrs. Lion had to make a tough choice. I earned a spanking and was overdue. She knew that I was horny. As she wrote (“Inconsistency Is My Middle Name“), I wasn’t going to get a choice because she knew that if faced with either a spanking or a handjob, I would go for the sex. Well, duh!

She also went for the sex. Somehow, after burrowing through the still-packed cartons of our belongings, she found some soft CBT rope. She used it to tie and separate my balls. Then she went to work. Her hand was magic, and it wasn’t long before I had a large, nearly-dry orgasm. My semen production hasn’t been great in recent months. It felt very good anyway.

I’ve been keeping records of my orgasms since 2016. The first year I just noted the date. In 2017, I began recording how Mrs. Lion produced them. In case you haven’t heard, I haven’t masturbated since 2013. My lioness produces all of my orgasms. Since I had the record, I decided to find out exactly how often my orgasms were produced by hand and how often orally. I only had vaginal sex once in all that time, so it doesn’t show up in the graph (right) at all. I was surprised to see that over half were oral. My impression was very different.

I was sure that almost all of my releases were produced with her hand. I was both right and wrong. Until very recently, Mrs. Lion would edge me almost every day. At least ninety percent of the teasing was done with Mrs. Lion’s hand. If you factor in the teasing, her hand was nearly all of my sexual pleasure. When she decided to let me come, she used her mouth over half of the time.

That’s not entirely accurate. On a year-over-year basis, she used her hand al lot of the time in the early years. Her mouth came into play as I lost the ability to get off from her handjobs easily. She had to switch entirely to oral in the last couple of years. That changed the ratio of hand-vs-mouth. My last two orgasms were produced with her hand. I guess my ability to come that way has returned.

Now that she can use her hand again, Mrs. Lion has an easier time getting me off. I wonder if she will try edging me again. Since we started using Edex to get me hard, she’s all business once my erection arrives. It isn’t really necessary. My boner lasts at least an hour, so there is time for teasing and CBT. We’ve accumulated a surplus of Edex since we only use it when Mrs. Lion wants to get me off. Maybe it’s time to start teasing again.

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