Inconsistency Is My Middle Name

It should come as no surprise that I didn’t spank Lion last night. I was on my feet a lot yesterday unpacking and standing around waiting for an Alexa to connect to the network. I think standing in one place is worse for me than moving around. I don’t know why. At any rate, my back and hips were tight and annoyed. My right shoulder is still annoyed, but I can make do with my left arm for spanking.

The question now is, do I spank him tonight or do we break out the Edex for some fun? I won’t ask Lion. I know what his answer will be. And I’m interested in whether he can have another orgasm via a hand job. Not that I want to switch completely to hand jobs again. I’m just curious if it’s an option. It worked out well last time. If I can find some rope, I can play “follow the bouncing balls”. I’m showing my age. You see, way back in the olden days, there were these things called records…. When I tie his balls, I can make them bounce up and down when I play with him. I like that. I’m unsure if he does, but that’s hardly the point. It amuses me, and that’s what matters. He’s got his balls tied, and I’m jerking him off. He’ll be just fine.

I think it was yesterday he asked if I could wax him soon. The short answer is yes. The shorter answer is no. However, I channeled my mother and said, “I suppose.” That always meant she didn’t really want to say yes but couldn’t think of a good reason to say no. You were supposed to infer her displeasure from the accompanying sigh. I did my best “Mom” imitation. I’m sure Lion only heard yes. He didn’t have the long history of the sighing “I suppose” that I did.

I know where the wax and the melters are. I don’t remember where the cart is. It took me twenty minutes this afternoon to find something I’d had in my hand a few minutes earlier. I don’t know how long it will take me to find the cart. I’ll look when I’m done here.

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