woman spanking husband

I didn’t get spanked on Thursday night. Mrs. Lion was a bit under the weather. I’m very sure that she won’t forget that she owes me one. Spankings are almost never forgotten. I’m writing this post on Friday morning. I have a doctor’s appointment this afternoon. It’s unlikely that we will get home before six. I’m not sure if that means I get another reprieve. Over the years, we’ve learned that punishment has to be consistent to be effective. Mrs. Lion is very consistent.

In her post yesterday, “An Hour Long Spanking?,” she said I’ve failed to send her a daily email since moving. She’s right; I have. I thought she suspended my rules until we were settled in. Apparently, in her mind, the only rule suspended was setting up the coffee pot. The daily email rule remained in effect. This was a surprise to me. It doesn’t matter since I was in trouble for not remembering my pill packets earlier this week. I’m owed punishment any way you look at it.

Mrs. Lion’s system of only punishing for breaking very specific rules has one drawback: it removes a sense of danger for me and makes her need to create those rules. I’m not suggesting that she stop setting rules for me to obey. I am suggesting that she consider some silent, relationship rules to spice things up.

I do little things that can annoy her. As she has said, they don’t rise to the level of needing correction in order for her to feel better. I get it. Every couple has those little events that are annoying for a few minutes and then fade into the background. I think that those little things are opportunities to expand our disciplinary activities. No, it isn’t because our marriage will improve if I’m spanked for little annoyances. I will benefit becuase I will get more spankings for a reason.

I need regular spanking. It’s sexual and emotional fuel for me. No, I can’t explain why I’m wired that way. It’s a fact of my life. We established “Just Because” spankings to fill in when I didn’t earn punishment. It hasn’t been very effective because Mrs. Lion doesn’t remember to give them. On the other hand, if I break a rule, she has the memory of an elephant. The obvious solution is to lower the threshold on what earns me punishment. It isn’t because I need to change as much as it provides many more opportunities to catch me and punish me. We both like it when that happens. She likes catching me and I need the spanking that follows. It’s a win-win

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