An Hour Long Spanking?

spanked butt
This is Lion after just ten minutes of spanking.

I guess I’m spanking Lion tonight for sure. He technically already had an offense on the books. Last night he forgot his pills again. I don’t think he reminded me today is punishment day, and I just realized he hasn’t been sending me emails. In his defense, I always forgot about the emails. In fact, the last one he sent was March 1. Does that mean I can whomp him for many, many, many days of missing it?

He will have to be content with a ten, maybe fifteen, -minute spanking tonight. Whatever hurt feelings he may have over the missing punishment pales in comparison to the hurt buns he’d have if I were to give him an hour long spanking. (I didn’t actually calculate how long the spanking would be, but I’m sure neither of us could stand an hour.)

I don’t know if I’ll stick to leather or if I’ll throw in some swats with a wood paddle. It stands to reason that leather would allow me to hit longer than wood and still maintain a non-bloody butt. Maybe I’ll save wood until the very end so I can go for some lasting memories.

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