Domestic Discipline’s Dirty Little Secret

bare butt spanking

I don’t know about you, but I find it difficult to admit that I want to be spanked. I’m not alone. Outside of limited BDSM circles, where spanking enthusiasts meet in person, not too many people are willing to reveal this interest.

I haven’t seen any studies about how many adults actually get spanked versus the number who dream about it. We know that around 80 percent of US and Canadian adults have had spanking dreams. The large majority of those dreams had the dreamer being spanked, not doing the spanking. Wouldn’t that make those of us who actually get spanked the lucky ones? Shouldn’t we be bragging about it?

Well, no.

People who get spanked fall into two general groups: BDSM players and disciplinary spanking recipients. The BDSM folks freely admit (to other BDSM folks) that they want to be spanked. The second group is more interesting.

The recipients of disciplinary spankings exhibit a spectrum of rationalization. Take a look at the non-religious domestic discipline websites. Guys who want their wives to spank them and want to believe there is a reason for the spankings other than a deep desire for them create an interesting situation to frame the practice.

The key is that this group says that they need to be spanked to be better men. They consent to disciplinary spankings so their wives can train them to behave better. Does that mean they need maternal authority to flourish?

Mrs. Lion spanks me and punishes me when I break a rule she has made for me. Does that mean she is exercising maternal authority? She doesn’t think so, and neither do I. She may be playing a disciplinary maternal role because I asked her to, but she isn’t actually assuming that uncomfortable position.

The problem with the concept of a female-led relationship (FLR) is that it usually translates to the woman becoming an authoritarian figure (mommy?) who actively manages and punishes her partner. It’s a hot fantasy but not usually a viable reality.

reality checks help make DD work

While I realize that Mrs. Lion spanks me because I asked her to, it doesn’t change the fact that I get punished when I break a rule. Too many guys focus on the disciplinary process–let’s face it, it’s hot–and overlook that their wives are providing a needed service. It’s way more fun to stay in the role of disciplined husband.

Mrs. Lion and I have a balance when it comes to domestic discipline. While I’ve consented to her having broad authority over me, I lead more than I follow. It works better for us that way. Sure, it’s fun to write about my trips to the spanking bench. It’s more fun when there is a reason for the trip. So, yes, I am a disciplined husband. My wife spanks me to change my behavior. It’s true domestic discipline.

However, I’m a disciplined husband because I want it that way. Mrs. Lion is providing me with an important service by making sure she beats my bottom regularly. If I didn’t ask her to do it, she wouldn’t. It was my idea. I have to admit it; I need to be spanked regularly.

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