A reader commented on my post, “Mrs. Lion’s New Paddle Is On The Way.” It was a typical question from, shall we say, an uninformed reader:

“Does Mrs. Lion ever paddle other submissive men who need it. I think she would be in great demand.
Mr. Lion, what do you crave and like so much about hard spankings?”

I usually delete comments like this, but this time, Mrs. Lion responded. Her response is very telling:

“I do not spank anyone else. I do it for Lion because he wants it and I love him.”

A very sweet response. The reader, he calls himself Johnsk, is clearly living in his fantasy world. Ms. Lion and almost every other disciplinary wife spanks her husband because he has a need she is fulfilling. One of my goals is to help other men understand the realities of male chastity and domestic discipline.

Everyone loves stories. Men who fantasize about being spanked have a lot of stories they can read about men being punished and paddled. Virtually all of them are written to turn on the men who dream about being spanked. Very few are honest perspectives from the women who do the spanking.

Some women get sexually aroused when they spank a man. A subset of them get turned on when they punish a man for an infraction. The reality is that this is not a very high percentage of spanking wives. I’ve known women who get aroused by spanking a man. I’ve never met any who actively search for male butts to spank. I’m sure there are some, but for practical purposes, assuming our wives are in that group makes no sense.

Mrs. Lion has been spanking me for almost two decades. It took her years to become comfortable, spanking me as hard as I needed. It never turned her on. For many years, it bothered her to hurt me. Eventually, she understood that those painful spankings were good for me, and therefore, an act of love.

I spent a long time as a top. Sometimes, spanking a woman turned me on. Often it didn’t. I did it as a service to her. I also enjoyed the skill I could display in doing a “good” job on her bottom. The point is that the person delivering the spanking doesn’t necessarily share the feelings that the person being spanked has. Ironically, most spankers understand this, but the spankees almost never do. This is clearly illustrated in the comment we received.

Even if Mrs. Lion doesn’t get pleasure from spanking me, she enjoys seeing the positive effect it has on me. Let’s face it, spanking is work. In the context of domestic discipline, it isn’t fun. It’s punishment. Punishing someone is work, too. My point is that it doesn’t make sense to believe that letting someone spank you is a reward in itself. Getting someone to spank you is an enormous favor to you. Because Mrs. Lion loves me, and because it helps correct small behavioral issues, she spanks me. It isn’t her hobby or profession. Please don’t ask her to spank you. She won’t.

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