Finally Spanked After 62 Days

lion's spanked bottom
Mrs. Lion likes to feel the leathery skin on my butt after she spanks me. A little blood doesn’t bother her. She enjoys doing quality work.

Mrs. Lion finally spanked me. We got off to a poor start. The strap she found was a short one bought for a different purpose. She decided to go ahead without restraining me. I wasn’t too cooperative. She was right. My butt was virgin again, and I couldn’t hold still on the spanking bench. I wasn’t too bad at first. She used a leather paddle that hurt but was manageable. When she switched to wood, I nearly levitated.

Well before the ten-minute timer went off, she quit. She told me that I needed to get back in condition. I know what that means: more spankings, a lot more. In the spirit of cooperation, this morning, I suggested we try the restraint belt I got. She agreed. I’m pretty sure that the try will include a spanking once I’m strapped down to the spanking bench.

I asked Mrs. Lion if she liked to spank me. She said that she doesn’t know. OK, fair enough. She doesn’t mind paddling me. On many occasions, she’s commented on the quality of her work. She likes seeing my bottom turn deep red. She likes feeling the skin turn leathery. She also likes to learn that it hurts to sit for days after she spanked me.

This seems to fit the way she views our disciplinary activity in general. She likes catching me breaking a rule. I think she likes seeing my obvious conflict between wanting a spanking and hating it once she begins beating me. I also think she likes how regular spanking seems to activate my interest in sex.

There’s also the matter of control. Mrs. Lion doesn’t enjoy being in charge. Our marriage is a partnership. We make most decisions together. She likes me to manage our finances and make many decisions for us. She doesn’t want me to be submissive. It’s a good thing; I’m not.

That doesn’t disqualify her from taking charge of our domestic discipline. No rule says a disciplinary wife has to be the dictator in charge of the household. Each couple has the freedom to define it how it works best for them.

In our family, Mrs. Lion has the right to make any rule she wants me to follow. She can assign chores and dictate behavioral changes. Anything she hasn’t specified remains part of our original partnership. She can punish me at will and in any way she wants. So far, she has made very limited use of this power. Spanking remains her sole method of punishing me.

Her interest in using this power ebbs and flows. Life often intrudes, and Mrs. Lion puts her disciplinary role on the back burner. It’s difficult for her to prioritize domestic discipline. Spanking was never part of her life before me. Exercising authority is alien to her. I’m grateful that she’s worked so hard to be my disciplinary wife. I hope we can get back to DD very soon.