Mrs. Lion’s Birthday

Mrs. Lion has unpacked almost all of the kitchen. We now have a table and chairs set for meals. The pots and pans are hanging over the counter, and our dishes are unpacked. She’s getting used to her “atomic” (induction) range. It’s incredibly fast heating pots. It’s also Mrs. Lion’s birthday and we will have some Carvel ice cream cake to celebrate.

All of our BDSM and sexual activity is on hold. If I’m up for it, Mrs. Lion said I can have an orgasm. Yes, please.

If you subscribed to email notifications of new posts and haven’t been getting them, please resubscribe. We switched subscription systems, and some emails were lost. It turned out that our old system ( Jetpack), badly mishandled subscriptions. We now have a reputable provider.

Moving is exhausting. We’ll have to work hard to restore our normal rules and punishments. The spanking bench is covered with stuff pulled from cartons but not put away. The massage table and waxing stuff are scattered or still packed. I’m just learning to find my way around our house. Before we can return to fun and games, there is a lot to do. It’s been almost two months since Mrs. Lion spanked me.

I hope we can find our way out of this mess soon.

Happy birthday, Mrs. Lion!