Busy, Busy, Busy

I know I haven’t posted in a while. Aside from working, unpacking, and caring for things around here, I’ve been slacking. There’s been no spanking, no orgasms (I offered one the other night, but we didn’t get any further than that), no real snuggling, etc. Overtime is mandatory at work again this week. And I also haven’t felt well for the past few days. Yup. Slacking.

Tomorrow, we have tickets to see “The Fantastiks” in a town near the old house. Of course, when I got the tickets, we had no idea we’d be moving, much less to where. Lion likes the show, and it’s in a small theater I thought would be fairly easy to navigate. It will be his first outing in a long time. The last one was a doctor’s appointment. I hope this one will be more enjoyable.

We haven’t ventured out to explore our new area yet. I’ve been trying to concentrate on unpacking. We have a lot of stuff.

A lot.

I have the kitchen mostly functional. I dug out the kitchen table and we ate at it. Once. The rest of the meals are in the bedroom. I’d think it would be easier for Lion to eat at the table, but he’s set in his ways.

I know Lion is looking for a spanking. It’s been ages. Unfortunately, there are other things demanding attention first. Maybe I can carve out ten minutes this weekend in between boxes. The spanking bench is already at the foot of the bed. I need to grab his hairbrush, and we’ll be all set.