Unspanked Means Unhappy

I am in our new house today and  Mrs. Lion is in the old one packing boxes. I’m supervising the installation of the new stove and some needed electrical work. I miss her company. We are together almost all of the time. It feels odd being fifty miles away from my lioness.

Have you noticed that the vast majority of blogging about sex, male chastity, and spanking is written by the bottom partner? Mrs. Lion is one of the few tops who write about their experiences. Most toys are bought by bottoms too.

When you think about it, there is some solid logic behind both. Bottoms, like me, crave the special sort of contact that our kinks require. It’s been 33 days since my last spanking. I know; I hate it when I get spanked. But truth be told, I miss it when I’m not. Even weirder, I miss spanking more than sex. Go figure!

Those of us who are wired to need spanking seem to get grumpy and depressed when unswatted. One of the most in-demand sex work activities is bare-bottom spanking. Paddles, straps, and canes are far and away the most popular toys. in fact, not only BDSM or domestic discipline types buy paddles. One maker told me that most of his business was at swinger events/ Spanking is almost vanilla sex.

Over the years, I’ve read lots of rationalizations for this nearly universal kink. I suspect there isn’t any good explanation of why so many of us need our butts burned. I think it is probably physiological. There are lots of nerve endings in the tush. That’s why spankings hurt so much. Those nerve endings also deliver pleasure too. There is a very small gap between pleasure and pain.

Yeah, I need to be swatted. All of the paddles are packed away for the move. The earliest they can see the light of day is this weekend. Somehow, I’ll survive.

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  1. I sort of understand. After a couple of years of my pushing, acting out, general wise assness I now receive a good 20 to 30 minute maintenance paddling every Sunday morning. Sometimes on Saturday if we have other Sunday plans. Length, day and strength determined by my lovely bride. Its strange but if for some reason I don’t receive it I find myself acting up more which will have me staring at the floor getting my butt warmed at any moment she desires. Then, all is fine till the next scheduled maintenance. Just this past summer we started weekly weigh ins where I receive 100 from the paddle for every pound over my preset weight goal. So far the most I have missed it by was 3 pounds. Pretty sure she took a pound of flesh off my rump after those swats. This occurs every Monday morning while I’m still a little “sensitive” from the previous days “attention”. Both of us see the change in me. Lol.

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